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Project Roadster: DIY Wheel alignment

Between coilovers, winter roads, potholes and bad luck the Roadster’s tracking had slowly crept out to a point where it was driving me mad.  None of the local garages had any equipment to do the alignment without a rig hung over the wheel (the car is far too low and there’s no point raising it to get it tracked!)  So, I dug out the the old “Wheel True” and some trusty string!

I measured total toe across the front and rear wheels, then moved the kit on to one side to measure the relationship front to rear.  Once done for both sides it was apparent the RH front wheel had an extra 3mm toe out!  That’ll be why it was pulling to the right then!

A quick track rod tweak, measure, drive up the road and remeasure and it’s straight as an arrow!

I’ll have to do the KP when it comes out in a few weeks too!

You can’t beat having a relaxing and successful day on the spanners!