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Project Chevette: Grinding Wax

The Chevette is now sitting 125mm closer to the tarmac which, unfortunately, is the same distance the exhaust was from the ground when sat at standard height.

Now sparks are cool, but even I couldn’t cope with the noise of it dragging on the ground all the time! I didn’t think it was going to last very long either.

As I wanted to keep the stock exhaust, I just cut and re-welded the offending section to give me some clearance.

While I had the car up on stands I took the opportunity to give it a good waxoiling. These cars are well known for their ability to return to nature so hopefully this will slow down the process!

Not exciting, but it’s progress.

Gave it a polish ready for Old Skool Mania; shouldn’t have bothered really…


Project KP30: Rust is a crime. Respray Part #2

So, when I said the fuel filler was the worst bit, I was wrong: The front wings and the bonnet edge are the worst bits!:

The wings are not the original ones off this car; the original wings were used to restore anotherKP30 hence, the rest of the body is un-welded and immaculate and the wings are a bit well, rough round the edges!

As I hate body filler and don’t have the kit for lead loading, I used the trusty MIG and added new metal as required.

Here is the wing:

With al the pin holes plugged, I gave them a skim of filler, a flat, more flatting, knifing stopper, more flatting, more flatting and then primer.

The rest of the car is solid as a rock so no issues to deal with other than dent/ mark removal. The drivers door being the worst, having a bit of crease in it from someone opening their door against it! A little panel beating and some plop later and it’s silky smooth.

So that has been my life for 8+ hours a day for the last 6 days and this is how the car looks now:

It just needs masking and then spraying! Fingers crossed the big spray-day will be tomorrow (though the weather is looking like it has other ideas!!). Optimistically I have put up my spray booth:

Of course, when I say spray booth I mean “a load of tarps tied to my car port” but it does the job and keeps at least some of the paint off the neighbours cars!

I have also prepped the splitter so it can be painted at the same time:

And made a start of refurbing the light surrounds and trims:

Still aiming for the end of the month to have her on the road. Alls that is left to do tonight is watch the weather!