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Berg Cup Round 1: 06-08-05-11 – Part #1

It’s all about the words he said.  But how can I possibly put into words the epicness that was last weekend at the first round of the Berg Cup in Eschdorf: less than 36 hours, 1000 miles, 3 countries (well, 2 and a Principality), time travel, boat travel the best beer in the universe, great pizza, good times and amazing friends.  That sort of scratches the surface for now, but don’t worry there is going to be a lot of coverage…a lot.

It all started at a little after 2am on Thursday night.  The chariot of choice was and E39 BMW 530D Touring which was loaded up and pointed at Dover.

3 hours through the night later we hit the port, boarded up and left the white cliffs for dead.

Spotted: Brits on tour also making their way to Ze Berg.

By 3pm we were checked in, full of food and ready to rock.  What we found next blew us away.

The sleepy countryside village of Eschdorf was littered with racing cars; Literally dumped up kerbs in the street where people were busy spannering away.  It was totally open too and we were able to walk round and soak it all in.

After years of drooling over these cars on the net we could barely contain ourselves on seeing cars like this Polo:

There is a myth on the internet that the competitors are all very secretive about their cars, but nothing was further from the truth; everyone was happy to talk to us, open up the cars, let us shoot them and even sit in a few of them!

Right, enough chat, here’s some more of the first pics:

This guy was my hero: Record holding 750bhp AWD Porsche being set up in the street and the whole time he was wearing a Ralph Lauren Shirt and Brogues. PURE CLASS.

The attention to detail and level of prep on all the cars was amazing, I don’t usually post more than one or two pics of a car, but for this bunch I’m just going to go for it:

Nurbergring special run out of you garage?  If you ever wondered what living the dream looked like, I’m pretty sure this is it:

More soon…


Ultimate Dubs 13-03-11

So, UD 2011 the place to be scene?   Of course it is.  It’s the first opportunity for the VW show pony elite to roll out their winter builds and the mere mortals to catch up on the latest trends for the year ahead.

Here’s a few pics.

Now don’t get me wrong, it was a nice cruise out and good to catch up with friends…but it was a bit like last year just with more Rotiform Wheels…


Air Ride Equipped


Typical Scene Kid 2

I got this for the E30, but it fits the KP too.  I’ll be taking my BMX to shows this year then.


Project E30: The New Daily!

So, after what seemed like the longest week ever, Friday rolled round;  I got myself a Polo and a Pilot and headed North to collect my new wheels.


Traffic.  Lots of traffic.


Industry (Yeah, OK, there was a lot of traffic and nothing to do but hang of the car with my camera and talk cars…)

The car is only two owners from new and both of then were in the RAF.  The car actually still lived just down the road from an RAF base.  It was weird seeing all the military buildings, training units and families houses…The surroundings were, erm, plush to say the least.

Actual aircraft in real life:

So we made it, check the car over, thew some money about and headed home (with fingers crossed that there was enough petrol in it to make it to the first station we could find).

So what is it then?

Yeah you guessed it: An E30! (I bought the car blind and just hoped that the fact, like the Roadster and the KP, it had “86” in the plate was a good was!).

I’ve wanted one for ages and the right one came up at the right time…more to follow.  A lot more.


The Original and the Best

Full Set HERE


Retro & Dub Mania 06-06-10

I’m coming to you live via the medium of pay as you go mobile broadband  (I should be fully online in another week or so), so I’ll keep it brief for now to minimise the upset when I loose signal…

Another sunny weekend and another car show (I love summer!): this time it was Retro Mania at Weston Park.  The Retro side of things is a bit of an add-on to the main event Dub Mania, so there was plenty of cool trainers, BBS wheels and sump scraping to keep you entertained all day.  The usual camping went down on the Saturday with the usual suspects and the usual results – lots of beer, meat burning and an ambulance visit – good times!

The show was pretty laid back and, although a little down on numbers Vs. the dubs, the Retro crowd held there own with some pretty classy motors.  Anyway before crash out t tt tt t t here’ssss s  s sommeee piccsssssss….[offline].