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Project Herald: All In The Details – Vintage Heuer

It was always the small details that were going to help deliver the “outlaw” or “cafe racer” image I wanted for the Herald and this is been one I’ve been waiting to do for a while; I just had to wait for the perfect watch to come along.  Unfortunately this missed the Retro Cars shoot due to a shipping delay, but here’s a few pics of my Heuer and the brushed alloy mounting plate I made up.

It had to be a Heuer simply due to the motorsport heritage and outlaw Porsche links.  It’s in perfect condition and fully working; ideal for timing those cross-city races and posing at Goodwood later in the year.


14-16-09-12 Goodwood Revival Part 3

Is it time to go again yet?


Goodwood Revival 2012 Photo Challenge: 24 Shots, No Deletes, All B&W.

Maybe it was the atmosphere at the Revival, or just the realisation of how much I take my 7D for granted, but me and my wing man Rog decided to have an old school shoot out:  24 shots, no deletes and all straight out of the camera, just like the good old days.  I very rarely shoot in B&W and worse still never use an SLR (despite having a few and some films gathering dust in the loft).  For shame.  It’s amazing how knowing you only have a limited number shots focusses the mind and really gets you thinking about every aspect of what you’re pointing your lens at.  Here’s a few of mine, the winner is still up for debate…



14-16-09-12 Goodwood Revival Part 2


14-16-09-12 Goodwood Revival Part 1

Money can’t buy you taste, but those with money and taste go to Goodwood Revival.  How do I even begin to put this event into words…breathtaking?  Not really cutting it.  Everything apart from the cars was amazing: the clothes, the people, the details, the shows, the signs, the venue, the food, the aircraft and the atmosphere.  The cars however, were mind-blowing and the racing was the best I’d ever seen (including, but not limited to the WRC and F1).  I wanted that weekend to be the rest of my life. I wish it was 1964. I wish ever day was filled with Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches and touring car races won with grit and fearlessness, rather than billion pound aerodynamic tweaks.

Here’s round one of my pics, drink ’em in, because however good you think it was from seeing these…it was better.



Project Herald: An-Teak

Leather just doesn’t  cut it for me.  In my head it’s 1968 and I want a wooden wheel and a pin-up girl by my side.  This has brought me 50% closer to that reality.

I re-drilled the steering boss to fit (and removed all the rubber covers n’ junk).



Project Herald: Goodwood Chic or Outlaw racer?

What started as a casual look at a local car that came up for sale turned into a full on hunt for a Triumph Herald…Why?  Erm, not sure really, they are just one of those slightly rarer cars that are everything you want a ’60s British car to be: Odd, bit of racing pedigree and rear wheel drive.   So it was my Dad that found this car (it’s his fault) and after the usual viewing, test drive and haggle (though none of this mattered; the second the garage door went up I knew I was buying it) I was driving it home.  It’s not going to be a massive project, in fact it’s pretty much there…but you know I can’t leave things alone so…erm, we’ll see!

Wheels are Spitfire optional Dunlop Steels.

Engine is a 1500cc from a Spitfire with twin SU carbs, 4-branch manifold and stainless system.  ‘Box is a 4-speeder from the same.

The suspension is Spitfire at the front and poly bushed with just a lowering block at the back.  Brakes are also from a Spitty with braided lines.

I’ve done a fair bit of work already from changing all the fluids to bleeding brakes to fitting a new clutch master cylinder and balancing the carbs.  The interior also got a good clean as it was covered in 43 years of life (and from the smell of it a fair amount of death).

It’s been so cool just cruising about in it this weekend.  Still umming and ahrring about what to do.  I love the period street racer look and the Outlaw 356 style from my earlier post…let see.

The main reason for getting the car is to have something I can use as much as possible from hitting the shops to hitting the beach this is my not quite daily cruiser.