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Car Show Detox – Atherstone 19-09-10

While the Scene Queens were hitting Players 4.0, I was keeping it distinctly more “village fate” at a local classic show.  I’m still on the detox from another hardcore summer at the shows and this classic gathering was a refreshing change.   OK, there are a lot of stockers, but these cars are built by passionate owners the way they want them, rather than to score internet points and I’m down with that.  Anyway, pics:


Retro Rides Gathering 06-08-08-10 Part #3

It all seems so long ago now…this time last week I was cruising home into the sunset.  Well, here’s my last few pics.  Roll on next year!


Retro Rides Gathering 06-08-08-10 Part #2

Eclecticicity.  It’s a new word I’ve made up to sum up the range of cars on display on the Sunday.

Hard-slam hero!

Party Bus – still with food in!

BOOOOOST – 30 seconds MAX.

Reverse-rake racer.  Yeah, I went there…

Starion: All the medallion.  Yes, yes I want one.  A lot.

Judging. Happening.


This Sprint-filled Toledo had to be one of the cars of the show for me

Chris Pollitt: Actual Wizard.

Even more soon!


Retro Rides Gathering 06-08-08-10 Part #1

“Epic” is  Probably the best way to describe the last 3 days of carnage, old skool cars, alcohol abuse, chillin’, illin’, maxin and relaxin’.  It all kicked off on Friday with a 5 hour convoy down to Yeovil with frankly some of the most outstanding human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  The rock and roll excess began immediately on arrival (post tent deployment) with a Chinese being ordered.   Yes, that is how we roll.

Skip to Saturday night and the good times were rolling.  So much so that all of the following pics were shot out of the back of a ’66 Triumph Herald we took the roof off.  I know, I’m lazy, but it was better than walking and my legs had gone kinda soft by then…

More soon…


Project MK1 Cavalier: SOLD.

I was really looking forward to rocking around in this car over summer;  Hittin’ up shows and having something I could actually get some camping gear in.  It’s a full-blown windows down, steering with one hand mobile.  Alas, I had to let it go; I really need to get a place!

The good news is I still have the banded steels as the new owner took it without them…I might have to throw them under the Roadster for a giggle.


Project MK1 Cavalier: MOT time

The annual Ministry poke under the Cav wasn’t due ’till the end of April, but, as I need to sell it, I took it in early to get it out-of-the-way; though not before I re-fitted the stock suspension and wheels (believe it or not, they are actually 40mm lowering springs!).

The good news is it passed first time!  I was pretty confident it would as it’s like a new car, but you always have that niggling doubt!  Don’t worry, it’s already back slammed and on the banded steels!  Now, I need to sell it and get the KP back on the road in time for Spring.


3 More from NYD

Just a final 3 shots I took on NYD in Swansea.  I  Just got myself a 7D, so I’m still getting to know it!