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Project KP30: Seal the deal; Twin 40 Dellorto Carb Rebuild

Since I bought these carbs nearly 3 years ago they have been brilliant. All the talk you hear of them going out of tune, being horrible to drive and uneconomical hasn’t come true for me; It might be luck, but I’m putting it down to quality Dellorto engineering.

Time had started to take it’s toll and I noticed a small amount of petrol leaking from the pump jets . Idecided a clean and re-fresh was the best course of action so ordered a kit and pulled them off the car.

Rebuild Kit and instructions…

That’s a lot of gaskets and seals!

I never fail to be amazed how intricate these things are; Just look at all the parts!

Before Shot

First job was to give them a bath in solvent to clean all the petrol and dirt off. I didn’t want any grit getting inside them!

Without showing 350 pics of dirty old gaskets this should give you an idea of Old Vs. New!

The filters on the fuel intakes were pretty bad too:

New gaskets installed:

Cleaned and bolted back together:

Hopefully that will keep them running sweet for another 3 years, or, at least stop me burning the car to the ground for a little while!