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Bee Racing: S15 – Twincharged

Flicking through an old Option 2 from September ’06 I found this 2 page spread of the Bee R S15.   Not only does the SR20 have a Trust TDO6, but it also has a Ogura TX12 Supercharger!


Retro Cars Feature: 3am Touge

Full 7-Page feature and a poster:

Massive thanks to Simon Jackson for the words and Jamie Lipman for the photos!

Just out: Jan 2010 Issue


Carbon Compound

Compound charged, carbon-bodied canyon monster:

Pics from Lateral-G Photography

I love seeing this thing blazing down the side of a mountain with a shear drop on one side and a rock face on the other.  Beats the usual boring track day Exiges you see!

Beyond the fact it looks cool and defies a serious amount of physics, I just love the engineering of it!


Rotary Hero: SA22


Swift Touge

With tuning for the new generation Swift booming in Japan I am surprised this shape Swift (or Ignis as we know it in the UK) never took off. They seem pretty rare in Rally spec (kit, 1500 engine, Recaros etc.) in the uk. Makes a nice change to the equivalent small euro hatches. I would definitely roll round in a slammed rally on Sprint harts or similar; Think classic JDM Civic flavour.


3am Touge: A537 “the Cat and Fiddle”

I spent yesterday in the Peak District catching up with some of my old friends which was cool. On my way home (it was pretty late buy now) I took a bit of a spin over the infamous “Cat and Fiddle”. What a road. This road is notorious for killing people, lots of people: Read more HERE

With a reputation like that it was always going be amazing. Especially in the early hours of the morning with zero traffic. The Mazda loved it, though the frame did hit the deck a couple of times and my sump guard is starting to look a little worse for wear!

No pics unfortunatley as my 400D packed up and won’t be back for 4-6 weeks!

Hopefully I can get a few of my buddies together and spend a night up there before the weather gets to bad.

Map is from Google.


This is Drifting Pt 2: Osaka Touge Drift

This video is as old as the hills, but every time I see it it makes me want to go out driving! It was recently posted over on Retro Rides and I thought I would share it on here. Amazing driving on amazing touge.