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You’ve come a long way baby

After years of waiting, dreaming and hoping…the Sunbeam is on the ground.

A quick spin over to Rog’s saw the axle finished and back in.  I’m pretty sure this car is at least group 4 through 12 now.   Alas, it’s on the back-burner while a certain cheeky Italian number gets some love… Alfa and Omega?  We’ve got it covered.


The Group 4 Sunbeam Lotus Chronicles: Cage Fighting

This project belongs to my good friend Rog.  Having been in his hands since he was at uni (where it spent most of its time lit up sideways through Swansea and surrounding area) it had seen better days and was making a serious bid to return to Mother Nature;  When I first saw it there was foot square holes in the floors…

Since then the shell has been stripped, acid dipped, welded together over an intensive week, painted, group 4 alloy arched and caged.  I headed over this weekend to give a hand painting the MSA spec cage that’s just been fitted.  I think you’ll agree, it looks pretty awesome!

Now don’t worry, this isn’t going to be another Lotus owners club rally replica or a show pony; it’s going to be a full-blown Berg Cup meets Lotus prototype development car road-going animal.  It will end up with a supercharger and it will kick your face right off.

But there’s still a long way to go yet…