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UK Builders doing it right!

Browsing my regular Forums over the last couple of weeks has turned up two builds that really blew me away with their awesomeness! It’s now really cold and wet and dark for 23 out of 24 hours so it’s good to see some fresh builds coming out of peoples garages.

The first was spotted on Driftworks and belongs to simo1. Build thread HERE

OK, I should mention this car is from the ROI – Edited for geographical correctness.

With a killer paint job, TRD suspension, front lip and a selection of wheels to die for this little KP already looks amazing and it’s not even finished!

The best part is, it’s still K-Series powered!

The second build I spotted was on Retro-Rides and belongs to hongkongphooey (I love forum nick-names!) Build thread HERE.

He has transformed his TA22, in what seems like a few days, into this show stopper which I can see every retro/ jap magazine in the business fighting to get a piece of, and rightly so.  Not only is this a stunning resto with some amazing modifications (more on that in a min) but the details are fantastic; Check out the BMW 7-Series light conversion and the digi-dash and gauges!

The icing on the cake is of course the lump filling the gap between the front struts; long gone is the T2 motor and in its place sits no less than an SR20 with enough trick bits on it to worry super-car owners!

I couldn’t make a UK builders thread without mentioning Stu’s Sapporo again. The car is now fresh out the paint shop and looking better than ever. Bags and Works, could there be any more win?

Build thread HERE

Time to get back in the garage I think!