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Project KP30: Strut-In

My struts came back a couple of days ago so I’ve been able to get the KP back on its wheels.  Despite the fact I feel like a massive sell-out getting struts made, they site nice and ride nicer, with loads of scope to go down should I ever want to.  Compared to the collapsed, slack, leaky, knocking legs I took out these feel amazing!


Project KP30: Strut-Out

Two crashing tubes of leaky awfulness is pretty much all that is holding up the front of the KP these days; 34 year old internals and no OEM replacements are not conducive to a well damped suspension.  Having rebuilt them more times that I’ve dragged the exhaust over a speed hump, I decided action was required.

A couple of emails to Gaz suspension (I’ve ran Gaz stuff on my cars for year s and it’s always been good) and they confirmed they could do what I needed: new internals whilst retaining my top mounts and coilover stuff.  Good times.

With Spring only just round the corner (hey, I’m an optimist…) I stripped them off…

…boxed them up and shipped them out.

See you in 2-ish weeks….


Project KP30: Retro Rides Gathering Prep Part #2

Well, it’s now t-minus 15 hours to kick off and the car is just about done!

I’ve spent the last couple of evenings rebuilding the front struts and changing the oil in them.

One of the valves had blown clean out of the damper tube…That’ll be why I had no damping then!

All back together:

Re-fitted the struts, checked the ride height, then changed the diff oil.

Tomorrow I need to pack, sort out some tools and wash it!

It appears all the flies in the world decided to take me on. I won.