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Project Roadster 2: Visit to the Ministry

First fresh ticket of the year down.  2 to go.


Project Roadster 2: Clockwork.

The Roadster has been all over with me the last few months and not skipped a beat; I love this car, but it’ll have to go soon as the E28 is nearly ready to rock (not that I’ve done any updates on it…but it is, honest).  I’m in two minds whether to strip off all the swanky bits and build my “Ultimate Roadster” and sell it as standard, or if I should just move on as I’ve had over 4 years of Roadster driving now and maybe I’m missing something…Mmm descisions!


Project Roadster 2: Convertible sports cars in winter; The thinking man’s choice.


Project Roadster 2: How not to not build a Silver Escape Pod

Right.  It’s been over 4 months.  Let’s blow the dust of this thing.  

And what better way to start than with an update on the daily driver situation.  I say situation because I sold the 924 and had nothing to replace it with.  The Herald took up the slack for a week until, handily, Kay (long-term friend of car show origins and 3am Taboo enthusiast) got in touch about selling her Roadster.  I’ve know the car since she got it and it was a good one; rust free and with the right crank.  So, I threw some money at her in the dark and drove “Minky” back.  While she was awesome and really good mechanically, she’d suffered a little cosmetically and obviously was not noisy enough or close enough to the ground.  I was going to live with it for winter…

The following is made up largely of terrible, grainy mobile phone pics; mainly because my garage cam finally bought it  after a fall and I hadn’t planned on really going as far as I have with this car so I’ve cobbled together what I could find…


The usual Service work was carried out with all the oils and filters and being changed


I then ordered in some Gaz coilies.  Accidentally I upgraded to gold pros which, compared to the GHAs I had on the blue Roadster (which I thought were great), are a massive leap forward on all fronts.  These were duly wound down, with locking collars removed and bump-stops slashed.  I also replaced the track rod ends and a ripped steering boot while I was at it…you see how this is getting out of hand?  I also replaced a load of interior trim: Doorcards, gear knob, gaiter, ash tray and fitted a stereo and new aerial.


Sump Guard:

In a bid to reign it in a bit I took the freshly powder coated Fondmetal meshies out of my storage facility (the Folk’s garage)  that had come off my E30 and fitted some skinny rubber.  By fluke more than judgement the fitment it pretty tight; I’m running no spacers and still had to roll the arches.  15s make life easier on the undercarriage too…I’m not saying I’m sold out yet, but you know…


Wait, there’s more.  B6s are non-interference.  And I believe this, I just didn’t want to find out for myself so I fitted a new cam belt, tensioners and water pump.  This was just a further excuse to clean the engine bay (which turned out to be a massive job), paint some stuff and delete the AC/ Header tank/ Washer bottle/ Carbon Can.  Looks good and won’t explode, what more could you want?


Well, being a tart there was:  A good second hand front bumper and splitter went on (yeah, about that splitter…not quite the OEM splitter I was told it was when I paid, but for now it’s better than nothing).


The final flourish was a new exhaust and de-cat.  I loved the sound from the system I put on the blue Roadster, so just bought another one and made up another tail pipe.

 I’ll throw some pics up of the completed car soon…well I say completed, despite the fact it’s got a new hood on it I still want a hard top (I’ve already put the fitting kit on it) so not quite there yet..


Project E30: Self Inflicted Restoration

So, this weekend I chucked the KP out the garage and got the Beemer in.  I got a quote from the body shop to do the arch and lets just say it was erm, steep.  So I took it on myself and cleared the weekend to do it!

The splitter cam back from the shop too, so I had 2 days and everything I needed to get it back to as good as new/ before I slammed it and drove it through a ton of snow.

I re-shaped the arch and rolled the lip while I was there.  I got 95% of it out so I only had to use a tiny skim of filler.  I hate filler.

Primer and Paint and left to bake…

Quick flat/ blend/ polish/ mop/ luck

I put the splitter back and supplemented BMW’s own c-clip mounting system with some good-old zipties.

I also completed my ICE install…

Yeah boi; old skool Sony walkman and in-car tape kit.  I couldn’t bring myself to pull that sweet head unit out.  Retro chic or a step too ’90s?   Well, pretty much both and that’s why I love it.


Project KP30; Red or Dead

It was the last Midlands Breakfast Club of 2008 this Sunday so, with the KP back together and on its new rims, I thought it was a good opportunity to take it out for a blast!

Coxy, who organises the show, shot these awesome pics:

One from me

Drive By Shooters pulled me out the show and shot some pics of my car for their site:

Check out the rest of Coxy’s pics on the Midlands Breakfast Club Site.

Check out Drive By Shooters for more dope car photography and show coverage.


Project KP30; Splits & Splitters

For the first time in what seems like 30 years, I woke up to a nice day and dry ground. So I loaded my wheels and splitter into the KP and headed over to my parent’s garage to get some stuff started.

After giving the holes a little massage I was able to get the wheels on for a proper bolt up fitment check.



Not the best pics with no tyres and the car not on the ground, but you get the idea. They’re wide and should look sick!

After making the first cut of the splitter with it away from the car I wanted to test fit it, adjust it then start glassing it up.

It did need another 1/4″ off it to get it fitting nice. (Zipties>Bolts)

Then I clamped it down and glassed it.

Triple layered to ensure maximum strength at the point of rabbit impact.

As I write this it is drying, so hopefully I will get to trim it later and finish it up next week.

I also need to order some longer studs and tyres, though I am still pondering what size to get….