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Project E30: Sale Away?

I’ve done it.  I’ve put Concorde up for sale.  Concorde?  Well, yeah, because an E30 in this condition is a borderline one-off; well certainly on my budget anyway.  Why have I done it?  I’m still not sure.  I guess it’s a mixture of the constant worry of running a car this clean and possibly, now I have the Herald for general retro play, I want something a bit more mundane for the daily grind… No, I’m not convinced either and will probably end up with something less suitable if it goes through.

I took some pics to make me feel better though.  This has only helped to talk me out of it.

Please don’t buy my car.




15 Inches

Front: 15×9.5 -27

Rear 15×9.5 -47


Winter Mode: Stage 2

Well, we are still having some pretty winter-esque weather in the Midlands, so I though it was time I took the Roadster out for a play.  I didn’t really want to risk my SSRs, so I threw on a pair of Black Racing Splits just in case!

After an hour of fun (and a narrow miss with the 5-0) I made it back without even a scratch!  The only downside was there was no one to take any action pics!  Still, more 7D practice and a good chance to crack out my new Grad Filters!


Project KP30; Splits & Splitters

For the first time in what seems like 30 years, I woke up to a nice day and dry ground. So I loaded my wheels and splitter into the KP and headed over to my parent’s garage to get some stuff started.

After giving the holes a little massage I was able to get the wheels on for a proper bolt up fitment check.



Not the best pics with no tyres and the car not on the ground, but you get the idea. They’re wide and should look sick!

After making the first cut of the splitter with it away from the car I wanted to test fit it, adjust it then start glassing it up.

It did need another 1/4″ off it to get it fitting nice. (Zipties>Bolts)

Then I clamped it down and glassed it.

Triple layered to ensure maximum strength at the point of rabbit impact.

As I write this it is drying, so hopefully I will get to trim it later and finish it up next week.

I also need to order some longer studs and tyres, though I am still pondering what size to get….


Project KP30; Rims, Dish, Win

This weekend I picked up some 13″ splitties for the KP. Fronts are 7″ and the rears are 9″! They came of an Single seater race car and still had slicks on.

As much I wanted to try them, I decided to be sensible and get the slicks taken off. Hopefully I can get myself some tyres ordered and get them on in the next couple of weeks.

They’re currently decorating the front room in my apartment, well I wasn’t going to put them in the garage was I?! Plus, they look good along side my S&M, I have a real flair for interior design!

Phone dish pic:

Lifestyler Shoe shot:

S&M pic (44T For Life)

The centres are going to get re-painted and I plan to run a nice stretch to keep the rubber inside the OEM metal. Oh yeah, I just offered them up to the car. Two words: Fitment city.


BR/ RS-8 Watanabe/ Unknown Splits?

Picked up these wheels for the Eunos this week. They were stupidly cheap so it was a no-brainer really. I initially thought the were RS-Wats but there are no markings on them other than BR and 4×100 pcd. The spokes look Watanabe-esque but the way they are split doesn’t so who knows.

They are a little dirty in the pics but they are in really good condition.

Regardless of what make they are there is one major issue; They are so weak offset and dish-less that I want to be sick into my shoes.  The good news is they are 3-piece splits. I could reverse them, but that would look odd, so I need to track down some new dishes for them. Do any of you know what these wheels are or where I could find some outers for them? Answeres on a postcard to Cheers!