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Fire Engine

I had to share these pics; they’re the best set I’ve found of this Carina wagon to date.  So much work has gone into this car to get it to sit how it does, and that engine…Awesome!



It’s been a while so…


The Fukuoka prefecture old car retention

Another cool site for your viewing pleasure check it out HERE

I love these bikes.

Clean looking Skyline. Check out the smoothed off handles.

I need one of these jackets in my life! So cool!

Very nice R31

Team Low Down

So much good stuff to click through in the links on the left hand side of the site. Enjoy!


Project KP30; On the road!!

Well the passed it’s MOT first time yesterday so that’s that for another 12 months!

My strut seals never did come from Toyota so I made a new seal using a rubber I had in my “box of miscellaneous gaskets, rubbers and other non vital unknown bits”. Seems to have worked a treat!

Gave her the yearly waxoiling too, which is messy but pretty satisfying. It easily has 10 litres in the old girl now so technically I should be able to park it in the sea.

Anyway to celebrate the MOT pass I modified the bike can! I have never liked the look of it on the car so I cut it up.

Say hello to 7″ of up swept delight!

Its hardly a 6ft star exhaust but I think it is in keeping with the rest of the shakotan-esque styling.


inokoshientotsu: A great Boso photo site

Found this LINK. Loads of really nice high-res pics. Enjoy!

According to Babel Fish;

“Just a little, it meaning that weather is bad, it does, but オラ it is fleeting? The り it enjoyed and the ちゃ was. Everyone who goes together and everyone who participated, it seemed the tired way. Everyone who the day can meet, thank you. And the people of the sponsor, it seemed the hardship way.”

Well that clears that up.


Boso How 2 – C211 Skyline Edition

I am a big fan of Bōsōzoku style cars. OK, so they are are low and impractical, but if you think that, then you are clearly missing the point and should probably stop reading now.

HERE is a cool site I found documenting the build of a Bōsōzoku C211 Skyline from a stocker to rocker. I guess this one of the more subtle cars so could be classed as Shakotan but I’m not splitting hairs; It’s cool and that what counts!



Enjoy the gratuitous use of low offset SSR Mk1’s; full blown wheel porn.

The site also has loads of galleries from  as far back as 89 and other “how to” galleries !!

One really nice parts of the site are some of  pics of Team jackets and decals;

Incidentally there is a cool article on Retro Scene about Japanese car subcultures. Check it out!