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Project E30: Spark, Crackle & Pop

OK, so these old Motronic injection engines do like a good vac leak and I’m pretty sure I had the beginningS of one; the odd splutter when cold and stuff.  I didn’t want to take any chances so pulled off the inlet manifold and replaced anything that looked like it was cracking or had gone hard.

ICV valves are also prone to filling with gunk so I blasted that out with a load of carb cleaner too.

While I had it in bits I wanted to paint up the cam lid as it was rough and still covered in the factory wax:

I was a bit keen and managed to pull the end of one of the ignition leads when taking it apart, so I threw a new set in; it needed doing, so not a bad thing I guess…

I was running out of space in the garage so used a little masking paper to paint the cam lid on.

I added a little crackle to the paint for that OEM-style finish

If you’ve ever wondered what the hardest job on an E30 is, it’s fitting the leads back into the plastic carrier…seriously I got shouty with it, but that didn’t help.  Still, it’s back on now…

Looks a lot better (though still not as good as an S14 M3 Motor…).  I noticed the dizzy cap has a big split in it,  In fact I don’t know how the car is even running with it like that, but it does, which is good  for now as I can’t get one until Tuesday!



Project Roadster; Clutch Time Vol. 1

A rather enthusiastic full throttle launch last week caused a little slip so I thought it was time to sort it. I have been putting this off for a couple of months now; It’s not even that big of a job, it’s just the grovelling around under the car with it only 12″ off the ground in -1 weather that  hasn’t been appealing to me! Anyway, time to man up and get on it as I only have a few days holiday left!

1st job was to get it on stands, which sounds easy, but with 3 useless jacks, mis-matched stands and the the car being too low to get a jack under it’s a pain!

Assessed the damage from low-ness. Mmmm looks like the sump guard bolt heads are no more!

Today I made it to Stage 5:

I had to cut one of the exhaust bolts off so didn’t get much further before it went dark and my hands stopped working with cold.

The bad news is I am still waiting for the clutch to come in the post! Hope it makes it before I have to put it back together to use for work!