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01-07-12 – Retro Show

Right, time for some catch-back:  For me Retro Show is one of the big 3 shows of the summer and with dry weather on the cards, it didn’t disappoint.   The Herald got its first (dry) public outing on the Retro Cars stand and was lording it up with celebrity motors like Jay Mac’s ZERO lip MK2; that’s how we roll!  Good to meet some of you on the day and good to finally get out in the car!

Here’s some B-roll to keep you going…check out Retro Cars mag for the full story.


Retro Show – Santa Pod – 18-07-10 – Part #2

Turns out I dodged a bullet by not taking the KP…more on that later, but first some more pics of the weekend!

I love this KP.  It’s everything a retro should be; no frills, no £1000 wheels, no showy scene bits, no untouchable paint job; just everything you need to enjoy hooning around in an old car.  I remmember when cars were simple and fun like this….

It’s a shame it was just bunged in the public car park.

Retro Much?  No, but at least the owner parked it well out of the way…unlike the Mondeo enthusiasts group who had a stand.  Yeah, that happened.

Hux Mania – 185s on 10″s

Drag car clutch rebuild?  Yep.

Viper Bus.


Retro Show – Santa Pod – 18-07-10 – Part #1

Wow, it’s literally that time of year already:  Retro Show at the Pod; basically the penultimate show in my summer of automotive fun.  Despite the blackest most overcast sky I have ever seen the rain held off all weekend.  Unfortunately, I wussed on taking the KP (show cars hey.  I’ll be trailoring it next – loser.),racked up the Mazbo and rolled out.  More camping, more beer, more half-cooked meat later and…it was Sunday: Show day.  Pics?  OK:

Daily driver club – we do pink!

News just in: Rat-look is not cool.

Star-Sharks on a Capri?  Hell yeah! Mike, SELL THEM TO ME!

320iS – immaculate is an understatement.

Seth-o-matic – best wheels (well, trims) and car combo of the day for me.

Hux-rox (more of this car soon!)


RotorStock 6 11-07-09

This weekend was the 6th Rotorstock event held at Santa Pod. I didn’t attend the show, but was there in the evening as I was camping over to attend Retro Show the day after. I did however make it in time to have a last walk around the pits just before everyone packed up.  Here are a few of the pics I got before the camping-carnage began!

For more info check out the Rotorstock 6 site.


Japshow Finale 08; When it rains, it pours…

Ok, I’m going to ‘fess up; I wussed out as it was lashing down with rain. On the plus side, everyone else seemed to do the same with people (the few that turned up) leaving as early as 11.

There is a report on the Jap Show site which can be found HERE

Roll on next year/ summer!


Retro Show 05-07-08

As I peeled back my tent, in a less than fit state from the night before, I was greeted by rain, lots of rain. What can you do though? I was already in Northampton so we packed up camp and headed out.

Driving into the show I was pretty worried as it was quiet, too quiet. Obviously people more sensible than me had stayed in bed. It wasn’t until later the sun shone and the place filled up. Anyway, on to the pics:

Fiat 131 Abarth

Nice to see I wasn’t the only guy holding it down for the old skool Toyotas

Bug Love

It’s not Santa Pod without a run from the jet car

2JZ Powered E30 was a total animal!

Cossie Sunbeam

Duratec porn. Thjis motor was powering a stripped MK2 Escort Estate into the 11’s!!

More booost

Me and my Boy Stu holding it down on the Retro Cars stand

Stu’s Sapporo has to be one of the coolest cars in the UK at the moment. Dropped on bags (cheating) and rolling Works I love it!


Jap Show 22-06-08

This weekend I attended Jap Show at Santa Pod raceway. It was the usual kind of deal; Hard parking with show cars to drool over and racers on the strip looking to shave 10ths off for bragging rights.

The weather was dry and sunny but what the pictures don’t show is the gale force winds that were blowing all day! Still, better than rain!

CPL Racing EP civic running a boosted K20.

Got Screamer Pipes?

This FD had blown its diff all over the tarmac and the owners were not wasting any time getting it back out there. Check out that exhaust. No silencers plus Rotary goodness adds up to make one of the best sounds ever!

Laurel Skid car was one of my favourite cars of the day. Inside was red velour with a bucket seat for the driver. Pure class.

The UK does do JDM!

I couldn’t get enough of this RE-Amemiya FD. Wide bodied and packing serious brakes. I can imagine under the hood it’s not short of the power to exploit those rotors either.

HKS S15. This car still rules today.

The famous Jet car did its thing running in the 6’s and blowing eardrums. In fact it actually cracked two of the windows in the observation bridge!

This 1300cc Tarmac spec Micra looked like is would deliver the goods on the Touge as well as the track. Stripped to the max and running what look like S14 brakes. K11’s rule, so much potential.

Super smooth EK was dripping with euro touches like the shaved handles, Brock rims and stretched tyres.

A few more from the Paddock

I always enjoy shows at the Pod and I can highly recommend the pizza!