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Battle Z


JDM Legends

Total legends … Hit the blogroll for more!

Loads of amzing attention to detail:

I’ve read the whole blog now about 3 times; they are literally living my dream life!


Oh, you speak English? まじで?

Forget English, Yuta Akaishi does his talking in stance!

Yuta posted up on here a couple of days back with a link to his blog and I just wanted to share that link with you guys.  Check out Oh, you speak English? まじで? to follow the build of his S30 Z.

Yuta is probably the most famous person on the internet right now for building this car, and rightly so; It’s ridiculously awesome.  I thought I may have spoken too soon when I said the T3D Brasilia was my car of ’09; this blows it out of the water for me!

And I’m not the only one that thinks so.  Antonio Alvendia over at Motormavens has just shot the car and has a great article posted up about it.  Another brilliant blog to spend a lazy weekend reading!

This isn’t Yuta’s first killer build either; Some of you might remember his pink S13 and the Heart breakers blog. I loved that car!

Props dude and keep the pics coming!


Even More Wangan Midnight on Steroids

Such is the power of image sharing on the internet, I’m able to throw up another picture of “that” Z.

From car show to Twitter to Linhberg to comment from Tom Welsh to here! Thanks guys!


Wangan Midnight On Steroids

The car Akio Asakura always wanted.

Spotted on StanceWorks. Probably the best site on the internet right now.


Garage Miya 240zg

This has to be one of the most complete and stunning 240z’s in the world, add to that its a real zg and you have a very special car!

“The HS30-H Nissan Fairlady 240ZG was released in Japan in October 1971 to homologate the 240Z for Group 4 racing. Differences between the 240ZG and an export market Datsun 240Z include an extended fibreglass ‘aero-dyna’ nose, wider over-fenders riveted to the body, a rear spoiler, acrylic glass headlight covers and fender mounted rear view mirrors. The 240ZG was available in three colours: Grande Prix Red, Grande Prix White and Grande Prix Maroon. The “G” in 240ZG stands for “Grande.” Although the ZG was never sold outside Japan, in order for it to be eligible for competition in the US, Nissan sold the nose kit as a dealer’s option which is known as the “G-nose”.” – Wikipedia