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Project KP30: Racer86 x Compomotive – Tailor Made

The splits are gone and the hunt is off.

I’m a big fan of sourcing rare wheels, rebuilding then in your living room and making them work. But this time I wanted box-fresh, spanking new and untouched  Once I’d gotten over that decision the rest was easy with a call to Comopomotive: I wanted these MLs custom made to the exact specification for the KP: from the PCD (finally the correct 110mm for the car) to mm perfect staggered offsets and beautifully locating centre bore.

Like a Savile Row suite they fit perfectly and, in that one-off anthracite grey, give me all the nostalgic race car look I wanted.  It goes without saying they weigh almost nothing and the quality is stunning.  I’m over the moon with them.

The catalyst for these new wheels?  Well, at the end of last summer I passed the car to a highly recommended painter (while I was on holiday – much more fun than sanding and spraying) to re-paint the bonnet for me (after I’d been having some issues doing it myself and ran out of time) and came back to find the whole car had been resprayed….yep.  That happened. With me out of the country they just went ahead and did the whole car!  It’s never looked so good and, as sad as it is to admit, my home job just wasn’t cutting it.  It looks like glass now and really pops.

I’ve been giving the car a thorough once-over ahead of the 2013 show season and hopefully some sunshine use: from changing the manifold gaskets to rebuilding the brakes, it’s only just back on the ground for the first time in weeks!

Pic dump:  I’ve just picked up a 50mm f1.4 and I love it!

TA22 wood grain – says 4. Has 5.

Really need to make up a nice bracket for my TRD CDI module…


Now all it needs is driving!




Various Brown


The Original and the Best

Full Set HERE


Griff Wagon: Murder in German

My buddy Griffo smoked along to the Roadster meet with me last night so I thought I would grab a couple of sneaky pics of his 325. Full shoot coming soon…when the police aren’t looking!

10J all day

Luxury: Leather, DVD Player, Ski hatch & Glittery white wheel.

Doors. Loads of them.


Project KP30; Stretch & Burn

Last week I finally decided on the tyres I wanted to get for my new rims. I settled on 185-60 Toyo Proxes on the rear and 165-65 Toyo 350s on the front. Through the wonder of the world wide web I placed my order with a few clicks and in 2 days they hit my door step. Good times.

Here is a 185 on one of the  the 9″s. Mmmmm bit of a stretch then…..

After enjoying a few vids of people burning themselfs on Youtube using the old hairspray trick I thought it only right I attemp it too.

OK, so the first few attempts did not go well and I lost most of the hair of the back of my hands. My next attempt was much more successful having the airline hooked up and the wheel the other way round so less of the hairspray could escape.


Kinda gives you an idea.

Rinse and repeat 3 more times.

Still need to order some longer studs and repaint them before fitting them up and spacing them. I hate how work gets in the way of everything and makes fitting a set of rims take a month! Oh well.