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Summer’s Gone (and so has the 924)

Country houses and ’80s GT cars. I had it all.

I’m still not sure if it’s a good or bad thing, but the 924 has changed hands twice since I sold it and it now lives with a guy I work with; I see it EVERY day.


Project 924: Like a BOSS

Pics by RSVP


Retro Show 03-07-11

Still playing catch-up…Santa Pod, Retro Show, you know the drill.

Car of the show by a MILE.




Race Retro – 25-27-02-11

I can almost smell March and that means show season is in the offing.  First up was Race Retro; usual format and suspects present as previous years, but it’s always a laugh and a chance to play racing cars.   Massive thanks to the Retro Cars & Retro Ford peoples for the magic (as always).  Here’s some quick un-edited B-roll footage from the weekend, you can check the rest out in the mag.

Home for the weekend: RC & RF stand (Thanks to everyone who came down for a chat!).

My cars of the show:

This is how we get down…


NEC Classic Car Show – 11-11-10 – Set Up Day

Last night I headed over to the NEC to drop off the KP and help with the set up of the Retro Cars/ Retro Ford stand.

If you get chance, this is the best time to see the show; no crowds and no stress!  Plus you can get clear pics.   Unfortunately, it was late and a chinese was calling, so I didn’t hang about to get too many shots this time.

Sneak Peak…

All done and ready for 3 days of carnage!  More pics to come over the weekend!


Retro Rides Gathering <<< Celebrity Spotting

Monster shows like this are regularly attended by big-name scene celebrities; here’s a couple of exclusives I snapped:
Simon Jackson

Elliot Roberts

Ed the dog

Chris Pollitt

That kid who totalled his Escort. Like Heat magazine but on the internet and with cars n’ stuff.


Retro & Dub Mania 06-06-10

I’m coming to you live via the medium of pay as you go mobile broadband  (I should be fully online in another week or so), so I’ll keep it brief for now to minimise the upset when I loose signal…

Another sunny weekend and another car show (I love summer!): this time it was Retro Mania at Weston Park.  The Retro side of things is a bit of an add-on to the main event Dub Mania, so there was plenty of cool trainers, BBS wheels and sump scraping to keep you entertained all day.  The usual camping went down on the Saturday with the usual suspects and the usual results – lots of beer, meat burning and an ambulance visit – good times!

The show was pretty laid back and, although a little down on numbers Vs. the dubs, the Retro crowd held there own with some pretty classy motors.  Anyway before crash out t tt tt t t here’ssss s  s sommeee piccsssssss….[offline].