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Project KP30: Racer86 x Compomotive – Tailor Made

The splits are gone and the hunt is off.

I’m a big fan of sourcing rare wheels, rebuilding then in your living room and making them work. But this time I wanted box-fresh, spanking new and untouched  Once I’d gotten over that decision the rest was easy with a call to Comopomotive: I wanted these MLs custom made to the exact specification for the KP: from the PCD (finally the correct 110mm for the car) to mm perfect staggered offsets and beautifully locating centre bore.

Like a Savile Row suite they fit perfectly and, in that one-off anthracite grey, give me all the nostalgic race car look I wanted.  It goes without saying they weigh almost nothing and the quality is stunning.  I’m over the moon with them.

The catalyst for these new wheels?  Well, at the end of last summer I passed the car to a highly recommended painter (while I was on holiday – much more fun than sanding and spraying) to re-paint the bonnet for me (after I’d been having some issues doing it myself and ran out of time) and came back to find the whole car had been resprayed….yep.  That happened. With me out of the country they just went ahead and did the whole car!  It’s never looked so good and, as sad as it is to admit, my home job just wasn’t cutting it.  It looks like glass now and really pops.

I’ve been giving the car a thorough once-over ahead of the 2013 show season and hopefully some sunshine use: from changing the manifold gaskets to rebuilding the brakes, it’s only just back on the ground for the first time in weeks!

Pic dump:  I’ve just picked up a 50mm f1.4 and I love it!

TA22 wood grain – says 4. Has 5.

Really need to make up a nice bracket for my TRD CDI module…


Now all it needs is driving!




Project Herald: Retro Cars Desktop Calendar – MARCH

OK, so if you’ve not seen this yet you’ve missed 9-days…but here’s a sneak-peak of the mag shoot and a desktop calendar for the month.


Project Herald: Racer86 x Retro Cars Shoot

With the Herald finished in time for the annual Race Retro Show we’d hatched a plan to shoot the car in and around the site where it was held.  After an early start I arrived to shoot the show itself with the RC crew arriving stylishly afternoon-ish.  We busted out the pics outside an awesome looking  garage/ barn (think South London back-street garage in ’69) and made it back into the warm for a lap of the show and a big lunch: No messin’

The issue is out on the 14th March so keep your eyes peeled; it’s a special edition too, but I won’t give any more away for now…

13 on Instagram: New Age Fun with a Vintage Feel

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For instant updates on stuff at Racer86 towers with a grainy veneer of the olden days check out my feed. 


Project W115 – Cover Break– x Retro Cars Mag #otherotherbenz

As seen at Players.  So far he’s two sumps down and not out.


Project W115 – The Low Life Will Kill You – x Retro Cars Mag #otherotherbenz

This weekend I nearly died.  At least 4 times. This is why:

Si (off of Retro Cars Magazine) brought his project W115 (Project Debonair or Agnes) up for a spot of ride height correction…The full and graphic blow-by-blow account will be in staff rides in the mag, but basically it fought us hard for 10 hours.  Highlights included a coil sping compressor breaking while the spring was in the car, coil bound and my had was in it.  How I’m not walking round like captain hook, I’ll never know.

Despite all that we fought on and the car now looks amazing!  I can’t wait to bring you more pics as soon as it goes live, but for now enjoy these teasers!

Awesome weekend allround.

And remember Kids:


01-07-12 – Retro Show

Right, time for some catch-back:  For me Retro Show is one of the big 3 shows of the summer and with dry weather on the cards, it didn’t disappoint.   The Herald got its first (dry) public outing on the Retro Cars stand and was lording it up with celebrity motors like Jay Mac’s ZERO lip MK2; that’s how we roll!  Good to meet some of you on the day and good to finally get out in the car!

Here’s some B-roll to keep you going…check out Retro Cars mag for the full story.