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Project Roadster: A/C delete

So, while I had the Roadster up in the air, and in a in a reasonable state of disassembly, I decided to go for the A/C delete.  I’ve been hauling all that shit around with me for 2 1/2 years now, convinced that one day I would fix it (I even has the right belt waiting to go)…well today I fixed it good!

This is what I removed:

Under the dash I pulled out the evaporator and gutted the box.  I then sealed up the holes and replaced it to complete the heater circuit.  Note the wires hanging down: by joining them you can have the extra fan working on the A/C switch: RACE CAR TECH!

Cleaned up the ‘bay too.  I really need to re-paint the cam lid…

I’ve fixed up the bumper and replaced it using fresh bolts and zipties (read a couple of bolts, and loads of zipties), so I should be able to take it off in a few mins now (not 3 hours!!!).

Wait, there’s more:  I’m waiting for some new discs in the post and have a fresh set of Yokohamas to fit tomorrow.  Car should be dialled when it hits the deck!