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Project KP30: Tracking Changes

So, I may have been putting this off a little.  At the end of last summer I made some sus changes and, because it was going away, only did a quick eye-lignment.  Turns out I don’t wear glasses for nothing; it was pulling all over the road.  With a day off work today I started my “jobs to do on the KP list 2011” with some wheel alignment.

Stands – check, string – check.

Wedged the wheel (technical I know…):

So a first measure was pretty conclusive on the pulling:  Driver’s front 3mm toe in…Passenger side front 11.5mm toe in.

I set it up to have zero toe.  My thinking is that compliance in the bushes will give me a little toe out whilst driving; it’s not a top speed car so a little more turn-in is a welcome trade.   It all sounds good in principle, but I’ve not driven it yet; It’s up in the air on stands now for some engine work. Roll on summer!



Project KP30: M3 This – Thermostat Housing

Well, the old housing was well and truly warped beyond ever standing any chance of getting it to seal.  I gave it 4 goes, used sealant, hand flatted it on a machined surface, checked it with engineering blue…I was ready to throw it in the bin.  So I did.  Luckily, I had another 90 degree housing off a later KP and, with a little modification and a new top hose, it fitted pretty well.  I think it looks neater and it takes the load of the rocking engine better too.  I don’t really care about that though…I’m just glad it holds coolant!


They Make Joy. I Make Steam.

BMW spent millions developing the E46 M3.  I threw a slightly bigger, tuned engine into a 34-year-old shopping car.   As a result, when racing said M3 though a series of roundabouts, all my coolant fell out.

Turns out the thermostat housing is warped from, I’m guessing, attempts to weld it, so it blew the gasket at about 7000rpm in 3rd.  It sprayed coolant all over the screen and left a pretty impressive trail of steam behind me; the main point is I only lost a car length on him before slinking off down a side road to boil in shame…so technically I won*

*I did not win.


Back On The Streets 2010


KP30 X Retro Cars X James Lipman x Crank & Piston

I got buzzed a link over to this awesome feature on the KP courtesy of Crank and Piston!

They’ve been supplied the pics from my Retro Cars shoot by the legend that is Mr Lipman.  Make sure you check out his site as, following a revamp, it’s more awesome than ever!

I’ve be desperate to whore out these pics, so now they are all branded up, I’m going for it!


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