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Project KP30: No More White Rap

The KP has finally dried out from the Speedhunters excursion so I figured I should catch up with some of the work it needs.  Firstly, the manifold was cracked so I welded it up and smoothed out all the joins.  I decided to run without the wrap this time; it looks like crap and inevitably changes colour and unwraps itself.  So, at the risk of higher underbonnet temps in traffic or something, I high-temp painted the steel bananas and re-fited them.

On the basis that it took me 3 weeks to get round to this I might get the other bits done by Christmas…ahh, I need more time to play!


Project KP30: Gifts from Koji

As if it wasn’t enough to source and send me a super-rare 6″ TRD LSD, Koji also threw in the box a couple of extras:

A Toyota Publica dealer brochure dated December ’75

And, AMAZINGLY, a TRD CDI module.  This thing is exactly what I need as I refuse to give up my points.

Thanks Koji!

International car friends!


Project KP30: Tracking Changes

So, I may have been putting this off a little.  At the end of last summer I made some sus changes and, because it was going away, only did a quick eye-lignment.  Turns out I don’t wear glasses for nothing; it was pulling all over the road.  With a day off work today I started my “jobs to do on the KP list 2011” with some wheel alignment.

Stands – check, string – check.

Wedged the wheel (technical I know…):

So a first measure was pretty conclusive on the pulling:  Driver’s front 3mm toe in…Passenger side front 11.5mm toe in.

I set it up to have zero toe.  My thinking is that compliance in the bushes will give me a little toe out whilst driving; it’s not a top speed car so a little more turn-in is a welcome trade.   It all sounds good in principle, but I’ve not driven it yet; It’s up in the air on stands now for some engine work. Roll on summer!



Typical Scene Kid 2

I got this for the E30, but it fits the KP too.  I’ll be taking my BMX to shows this year then.


KP30 Pics – From the Tony King Archive

Tony is the original guy I bought my KP off when it was a mere red-oxide twinkle in my eye.  This guy has forgotten more about KP30s (and KPs generally) than all of the people I have ever met have ever known.  Happily, we’ve stayed in touch and catch up when we cross paths at the odd show, or when I need to know something; good times!

In another blatant exhibition of legend-ness Tony sent me over all of these pics.  They represent years of internet trawling and right-click save as action.  Sit back, relax and enjoy!  Tonk King, I salute you!

This is amazing.


Project KP30: Fire-ring on all cylinders?

No.  Well, not on number 2 anyway.  After changing the oil I ran the old girl up and out came a load of white smoke.  A compression test confirmed the worst, though it was making full compression, it was just leaking away on 1 and 2.  I know, I was gutted.  Luckily it did it on my drive and not at Santa Pod.

By some total fluke I was able to get gaskets on a Saturday – Mega Spares came through big-time on that one.  So it was a full-on day and now it’s running again!

Now I’ve just get to get some miles on it before the Japanese Performance shoot on Friday and more importantly the Retro Rides Gathering on the 8th!