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Goodwood Revival 2012 Photo Challenge: 24 Shots, No Deletes, All B&W.

Maybe it was the atmosphere at the Revival, or just the realisation of how much I take my 7D for granted, but me and my wing man Rog decided to have an old school shoot out:  24 shots, no deletes and all straight out of the camera, just like the good old days.  I very rarely shoot in B&W and worse still never use an SLR (despite having a few and some films gathering dust in the loft).  For shame.  It’s amazing how knowing you only have a limited number shots focusses the mind and really gets you thinking about every aspect of what you’re pointing your lens at.  Here’s a few of mine, the winner is still up for debate…



Project E30: RSVP Rollers

Self indulgent I know, but here’s a few rollers of the E30 shot by my wing-man Rog.

Thanks to Rog for coming out to play and Rach for manning the camera car (and the subsequent steak dinner!).  I really can’t wait to get out over summer and play cameras more!


Shooting Practice: Ducati 1098s

My mate Gav has just got himself a Ducati 1098s; now I’m not really into bikes and I don’t know really anything about them…but f*** me this thing’s a monster.  While the sun was shining and post a BBQ we headed out to get a few shots in the fading evening light.   It’s worth mentioning that Gav is a full-blown nutter and really knows how to peddle a bike, so this selection of pictures have been edited for Fed friendliness…



KP30 X Retro Cars X James Lipman x Crank & Piston

I got buzzed a link over to this awesome feature on the KP courtesy of Crank and Piston!

They’ve been supplied the pics from my Retro Cars shoot by the legend that is Mr Lipman.  Make sure you check out his site as, following a revamp, it’s more awesome than ever!

I’ve be desperate to whore out these pics, so now they are all branded up, I’m going for it!


Car Park Shoot Out: Chicks dig static drops…

It still never ceases to amaze me the people I’ve met and the places I’ve found myself, just through my love of cars and photography.  A chance Facebook encounter this week led me to a cold car park in Birmingham snapping an S15, Impreza and some Roadster you might have seen before.

Unusually, for one of my car-type-pic-fests, there was a lady present: Ms Kelli Smith.  On the basis she looks a lot better than me in a bikini than me, she got her pose on!

I ❤ Stanceworks right back…

Big thanks to James LuPix and Kelli Smith!


It’s not like jumping a Volkswagen….

Rider: Jim Bauer

Photo: Ricky Adam

Mag: Dig BMX – The Photo Issue

’80s bedroom wall pin-up – Lamborghini Countach


Shooting Lessons: Tim Wallace @ Land Rover Experience

This Friday I headed up to Halewood to attend a photography course with Tim Wallace (Ambient Life).  Tim is an award winning photographer who specialises in automotive with clients such as Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin.   I’m a massive fan of his images and style, and especially the fact he does all of his work “in camera” with little or no post processing.

The day was made up of a brief lecture and a chance to ask questions,  then we were out shooting on scene for the rest of the day.  As we were at Land Rover we were able to use the off road circuit to set up some shots.

Tim took us through how to effectively light a car,  setting up the lights as he talked through it:

Once the lights were set, we were able to do some shooting and actively encouraged to move the lights about to get a feel for it ourselves.  Here’s a one of my pics:

Having no previous experience with lighting, I was blown away by the amazing effect it had on the scene we were shooting!

Following on from that, we moved into another couple of areas shooting a Freelander on a ramp and a Disco driving the course, allowing us to get some action shots:

It was an amazing day and I learned absolutely loads!  Now I just need to invest in a better camera body and a decent lighting set up; Dear Santa….