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Project E30: Spark, Crackle & Pop

OK, so these old Motronic injection engines do like a good vac leak and I’m pretty sure I had the beginningS of one; the odd splutter when cold and stuff.  I didn’t want to take any chances so pulled off the inlet manifold and replaced anything that looked like it was cracking or had gone hard.

ICV valves are also prone to filling with gunk so I blasted that out with a load of carb cleaner too.

While I had it in bits I wanted to paint up the cam lid as it was rough and still covered in the factory wax:

I was a bit keen and managed to pull the end of one of the ignition leads when taking it apart, so I threw a new set in; it needed doing, so not a bad thing I guess…

I was running out of space in the garage so used a little masking paper to paint the cam lid on.

I added a little crackle to the paint for that OEM-style finish

If you’ve ever wondered what the hardest job on an E30 is, it’s fitting the leads back into the plastic carrier…seriously I got shouty with it, but that didn’t help.  Still, it’s back on now…

Looks a lot better (though still not as good as an S14 M3 Motor…).  I noticed the dizzy cap has a big split in it,  In fact I don’t know how the car is even running with it like that, but it does, which is good  for now as I can’t get one until Tuesday!



Project E30: Self Inflicted Restoration

So, this weekend I chucked the KP out the garage and got the Beemer in.  I got a quote from the body shop to do the arch and lets just say it was erm, steep.  So I took it on myself and cleared the weekend to do it!

The splitter cam back from the shop too, so I had 2 days and everything I needed to get it back to as good as new/ before I slammed it and drove it through a ton of snow.

I re-shaped the arch and rolled the lip while I was there.  I got 95% of it out so I only had to use a tiny skim of filler.  I hate filler.

Primer and Paint and left to bake…

Quick flat/ blend/ polish/ mop/ luck

I put the splitter back and supplemented BMW’s own c-clip mounting system with some good-old zipties.

I also completed my ICE install…

Yeah boi; old skool Sony walkman and in-car tape kit.  I couldn’t bring myself to pull that sweet head unit out.  Retro chic or a step too ’90s?   Well, pretty much both and that’s why I love it.


This is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

So, turns out on full lock and full bump the tyres catch the arches…and then drag them out of shape. A lot.  This was the icing on the cake that was ripping off the splitter and exhaust in the snow.

Splitter is at the body shop getting sprayed and I’ve booked the car in for tomorrow.  It’s too nice for me to paint it, especially while it’s this cold and wet.  I’ve bought and fitted a new exhaust too; no pics though as it was -6 and I was in 4″ of snow while I was fitting it!

So, another week and the car will be perfect again and I will be broke.  What was that saying again?  Oh yeah…sucks to roll hard.


Project KP30: 1st Coat Down! Respray Part #4

The sun shone today, so when the world had warmed up at lunch time I laid the first couple of coats down.


Started off with my Binks gravity fed gun; Just couldn’t get it to work right and give me any sort of fan.

Swapped over to the gun that came with the compressor and BAM: Awesome spray!

Put about a litre down so far which has covered all the primer and for the most part given a good finish.

When it goes off I’m going to wet sant out a couple of imperfections and then hopefully, Friday, shoot a final couple of coats.


Project KP30: Waiting. Respray Part #3

Well Thursday spray-day never happened as when it wasn’t lashing with rain, it was 100% humidity. Not good. I have spent the last couple of days prepping and painting the trims and rad; all the little nitty bits. As it stands now the weather is set to be good all weekend so I  masked her up ready to rock as soon as the sun shines:

Hopefully tomorrow is the day!

While noone was looking I threw my TRD harnesses in the washing machine; I think they came out pretty sweet!!


Project KP30: Rust is a crime. Respray Part #2

So, when I said the fuel filler was the worst bit, I was wrong: The front wings and the bonnet edge are the worst bits!:

The wings are not the original ones off this car; the original wings were used to restore anotherKP30 hence, the rest of the body is un-welded and immaculate and the wings are a bit well, rough round the edges!

As I hate body filler and don’t have the kit for lead loading, I used the trusty MIG and added new metal as required.

Here is the wing:

With al the pin holes plugged, I gave them a skim of filler, a flat, more flatting, knifing stopper, more flatting, more flatting and then primer.

The rest of the car is solid as a rock so no issues to deal with other than dent/ mark removal. The drivers door being the worst, having a bit of crease in it from someone opening their door against it! A little panel beating and some plop later and it’s silky smooth.

So that has been my life for 8+ hours a day for the last 6 days and this is how the car looks now:

It just needs masking and then spraying! Fingers crossed the big spray-day will be tomorrow (though the weather is looking like it has other ideas!!). Optimistically I have put up my spray booth:

Of course, when I say spray booth I mean “a load of tarps tied to my car port” but it does the job and keeps at least some of the paint off the neighbours cars!

I have also prepped the splitter so it can be painted at the same time:

And made a start of refurbing the light surrounds and trims:

Still aiming for the end of the month to have her on the road. Alls that is left to do tonight is watch the weather!


Project KP30: The take over the breaks over. Respray Part #1

From Car show to no-go. The week off work is booked and the Starlet is stripped!

Now don’t get me wrong, the paint wasn’t bad but, between rushing it originally to get it done for a car show, 9 months of daily driving, 3 weeks of hardcore winter use and 3 summers of shows it was starting look a bit tired. That, and in true Toyota fashion, it has gained a couple of blebs and is trying to return to nature!

Round the filler is the worst bit:

I collected all the paint and materials together. The good news is all this talk of going to water-based is, for now, rubbish. Two-pack is going to be available for a while longer!

This just shows how quick I had to put it together after painting it; when I took the numberplate off it pulled the paint off! Check out the OG colour showing.

This needs a roll cage.

There’s not much to it, just one afternoon and 4 boxes of stuff. This is why I love old cars!

Plan is to get it Painted and MOT’d by the end of the Month then hope fully it is being re-shot for a Retro Cars Mag fearture (fingers crossed!!).