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Project W123: From Winter Detox to City Slickin’

I’ve had the Benz off the road for a couple of weeks to give it some major loving:  From fresh ball joints and servicing to a top to bottom clean-up and a new MOT, it’s had the works.  I’m pleased to say all the effort I’ve put in to keeping it clean over winter and all the waxoil I covered it in in the autumn has paid off; It’s literally not deteriorated one bit through the harsher months (though I did take it off the road when we had the really bad snow) and here’s the proof:

Based on my recent turn-over of daily drivers the Benz is a long-termer and I’ve got no plans of letting it go yet.  The only caveat to this one is my job has moved and gone (for the most part) is the 100 miles per day motorway commute and I now have 44 miles of country lanes….This means the KP and the Herald will be getting some use over the Summer, but does it also mean I can finally have something really old as my daily…4-gears…? Really?


Project E30: M-Tech Tracksuit

I’ve had the car a week now and all is well.  I’ve started ordering parts for it, but more on that later…I know it’s boring, but I’ve mainly been doing service stuff and finally getting a few pics:

Current wheels are 15×7 et 13 Fondmetals which are alleged to have come on it from the factory; there is a lot of cool history with the car and some of the other parts fitted point towards either someone being big buddies with the manufacturing plant or spending a lot of money on the options list…

Got tapes?

Stereo remote

OK, I’ll come clean…depite the iS front lip, SE skirts, Shadow line pack, boot spoiler and wheels…it’s…it’s…a…..316i

I looked at loads of these cars and they were either destroyed or rotten.  This car is immaculate, even better than the pics show.  I actually feel bad getting it wet.  I figured it was better buying the best car I could and then, if the urge takes me, throw an M42 in it.  To be honest I thought it would be slightly slower than driving something steam-powered.  Happily it’s not that bad; it will cruise at 80 in silence without revving its head off and is even good on fuel.   For what I need it to do right now it’s perfect.

Service time:

Yeah, that’s genuine NOS BMW underseal.  OEM+

My compressor regulator broke, so I ended up spraying it at 100psi.  At least I know it’s got everywhere!

Hopefully my parts will start to come in over the next couple of weeks and I can get the old girl closer to terra firma in a big way.


Project Chevette: Vanden Plas Eat Your Heart Out – 5 day drop n’ roll

Things have been pretty quiet on here; the usual reasons apply: work/ life stuff, but this week I have had a better excuse…

Now I will be the first to admit, I’ve been down the Chevette route before. You can check out my previous build threads on Retro Rides HERE and HERE.

I have always really fancied an estate or a saloon and when my Dad pointed this one out to me I fell in love.

It was an irrational kind of love, on account of I have know where to park it, 2 other cars and am supposed to be getting a deposit together for a house with my Girlfriend.

Enough of the practicalities here is the good stuff….

– Fresh 2k paint
– 12 months MOT
– Factory Standard
– 40k miles
– A Load of history & recent new bits
– GL Trim in Orange/ Terracotta
– Brown

I immediately departed for Bristol to collect it last weekend .

I should pause at this point to mention all the pics I have are really poor on account of I have had no real time to work on it, never mind get good pics…excuses over:

As it arrived:

24 hours later:

Saab 900 Convertible rear springs for the front (cut to fit)

MX5 Platform adjustables with custom top hats on the rear

BANG. 100mm front drop 60mm rear drop. Got rake?

Interior shot. Damn I love velour. Vanden Plas eat your heart out.

Then came wheels. I spent a stupid amount of time looking for wheels. Then I found some.  Day 4.

Oh no. It’s all gone wrong. 13X7 Minilite style superlight formulas with 175/50s. Now it looks all high and like a poor effort at a South London style Escort.

DAY 5: More low: 125mm at the front, 95mm at the rear. The exhaust now runs on the floor.

But what about the wheels?




OEM Trims on alloys. You know. Gas station car show:

Fitted pressed Euro plates too.

Next jobs: make up an exhaust that doesn’t drag on the ground and a couple of other bits.

I’ve driven it 600miles and loved every second of it. There is a lot to be said for just cruising, windows down enjoying 4 gears and 58.6 bhp.