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Curborough Sprint Course: A Day At The Races #2 – 07-05-10

I took the KP out for a spin this afternoon and, after rolling about a bit down some of my favourite roads, found myself in the vicinity of Curborough; being a Sunday, I thought  I’d take a gamble and see if anything was going on.  It was, so here’s some pics!



One of the holy grails of J car links. Tanenane92 has it all from Bosozoku to GT racers. Enjoy!

Here is “that” KPGC10 Pictured down the page (with me sat in it!!!) at the 2005 Nismo festival at Fisco.

This stunning car was fully rebuilt from the ‘shell up in Japan, by an ex-Nismo engineer in time for the 2005 Nismo festival. The car was invited by no less than Nismo themselves, who even had a hand in the final paint scheme, requesting the car be painted with the ‘Works’ style blue sections. The car wore the number 15, symbolising the car that took the GT-R’s 50th race win at Fisco on 20th March 1972, piloted by Takahashi Kunimitsu.