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16-18-05-13 Castle Retro Show

Escape work.  Escape England.  Head South and don’t stop ’till Newport.  Three days in the Sun.  Thank you Wales.



What Prodrive engineers do on their days off……

My good friend, ex-room mate, uni veteran and all-round Escort-lover Ryan has taken it upon himself to put the keyboard warriors to bed and write the definitive, first hand guide to dropping a 2.0l 16v Zetec engine into his MK1 Ford Escort.

This is no trailer queen either. Despite being a Bubble arched, Minilite shod, 3-door it has been daily driven on its door handles since day one. When Ry is not neck deep in Escort bits he is working at Prodrive with his fingers in plenty of interesting pies from WRC cars to top secret engine projects.

In short, if you like old skool cars, sexy engineering, the BWAP of throttle bodies and sideways action this is a blog to watch!