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Project Roadster: A/C delete

So, while I had the Roadster up in the air, and in a in a reasonable state of disassembly, I decided to go for the A/C delete.  I’ve been hauling all that shit around with me for 2 1/2 years now, convinced that one day I would fix it (I even has the right belt waiting to go)…well today I fixed it good!

This is what I removed:

Under the dash I pulled out the evaporator and gutted the box.  I then sealed up the holes and replaced it to complete the heater circuit.  Note the wires hanging down: by joining them you can have the extra fan working on the A/C switch: RACE CAR TECH!

Cleaned up the ‘bay too.  I really need to re-paint the cam lid…

I’ve fixed up the bumper and replaced it using fresh bolts and zipties (read a couple of bolts, and loads of zipties), so I should be able to take it off in a few mins now (not 3 hours!!!).

Wait, there’s more:  I’m waiting for some new discs in the post and have a fresh set of Yokohamas to fit tomorrow.  Car should be dialled when it hits the deck!


Project Roadster: A romantic weekend for one…

Spent rolling around under 20 year-old…

…is what I’ve got to look forward to in the not too distant future! After waiting for it to die for 2 years (it’s always been a bit on the noisy side) the Roadster gearbox is finally whining and groaning enough for me to swap it out, before it leaves me at the side of the road!

That said, despite the interesting noises coming from it, it still shifts sweet and has been spot on!  But, without wanting to tempt fate too much, I picked up this 60k mile box locally. As soon as I get chance, in she goes!


Project Roadster: DIY Wheel alignment

Between coilovers, winter roads, potholes and bad luck the Roadster’s tracking had slowly crept out to a point where it was driving me mad.  None of the local garages had any equipment to do the alignment without a rig hung over the wheel (the car is far too low and there’s no point raising it to get it tracked!)  So, I dug out the the old “Wheel True” and some trusty string!

I measured total toe across the front and rear wheels, then moved the kit on to one side to measure the relationship front to rear.  Once done for both sides it was apparent the RH front wheel had an extra 3mm toe out!  That’ll be why it was pulling to the right then!

A quick track rod tweak, measure, drive up the road and remeasure and it’s straight as an arrow!

I’ll have to do the KP when it comes out in a few weeks too!

You can’t beat having a relaxing and successful day on the spanners!


Project Roadster: Snap – Off

I’m not going to pretend I fitted this to make it easier to get in and out of the car. I’m not going to pretend I fitted it to get the wheel in the right place…I fitted it because it looks cool and makes me feel like a race car driver; isn’t that why we do any of this modifying stuff anyway?!


Project Roadster: Rear Alignment

The rears have been rubbing a bit, so I thought I would dial in some more camber and hit the arches with a big hammer.


Toe: 0 degrees

Camber -3 Degrees + however much is added by the lowness so, probably around- 4-5 degrees?


Project Roadster: German Flush

Specs: 16X9″ ET15 all round.  215/40 Rubber.

Question…With Caps (see above) or without?

Looks more street racer without. Mmmm I’m undecided. Hit me up with you comments and Love/ Hate!


Very Important Roadster

Spotted this over on Roadster Drift. Fitment city on negative offset Work Euroline DH’s in 15×8″. Nice shots too.

Rockin’ a Garage Vary lip for good measure.