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Curborough Sprint Course: MG Club 03-04-11

I’ve been gagging for the sprinting season to kick off at my local track and last week it did.  Except I couldn’t make it, so with some actual good weather and at least one of my cars in working condition I flew up there in the KP this morning.

I know, MGs aren’t going to set the world on fire and yes, they are still the preserve of the flat-capper, but, and I’m throwing it out there, I think they are cool.  Everyone is so obsessed (myself embarrassingly included) in being fashionable, rocking the right wheels and having the freshest stickers all over their cars that I can’t help but think we’ve lost sight of what’s actually so good about cars.  It was refreshing to see proper, lightweight, old skool british sports cars.  No frills, just fun.

I’ll just climb off my soap box then, and show you some pics….


Retro Rides Gathering 06-08-08-10 Part #3

It all seems so long ago now…this time last week I was cruising home into the sunset.  Well, here’s my last few pics.  Roll on next year!


Retro Rides Gathering 06-08-08-10 Part #2

Eclecticicity.  It’s a new word I’ve made up to sum up the range of cars on display on the Sunday.

Hard-slam hero!

Party Bus – still with food in!

BOOOOOST – 30 seconds MAX.

Reverse-rake racer.  Yeah, I went there…

Starion: All the medallion.  Yes, yes I want one.  A lot.

Judging. Happening.


This Sprint-filled Toledo had to be one of the cars of the show for me

Chris Pollitt: Actual Wizard.

Even more soon!


Retro Rides Gathering 06-08-08-10 Part #1

“Epic” is  Probably the best way to describe the last 3 days of carnage, old skool cars, alcohol abuse, chillin’, illin’, maxin and relaxin’.  It all kicked off on Friday with a 5 hour convoy down to Yeovil with frankly some of the most outstanding human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  The rock and roll excess began immediately on arrival (post tent deployment) with a Chinese being ordered.   Yes, that is how we roll.

Skip to Saturday night and the good times were rolling.  So much so that all of the following pics were shot out of the back of a ’66 Triumph Herald we took the roof off.  I know, I’m lazy, but it was better than walking and my legs had gone kinda soft by then…

More soon…