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Project KP30: No More White Rap

The KP has finally dried out from the Speedhunters excursion so I figured I should catch up with some of the work it needs.  Firstly, the manifold was cracked so I welded it up and smoothed out all the joins.  I decided to run without the wrap this time; it looks like crap and inevitably changes colour and unwraps itself.  So, at the risk of higher underbonnet temps in traffic or something, I high-temp painted the steel bananas and re-fited them.

On the basis that it took me 3 weeks to get round to this I might get the other bits done by Christmas…ahh, I need more time to play!


Project KP30; RE-Engine-ering

OK, I know what you are thinking; its back in bits already?! Well, It was nice to drive with it’s mild cam and quiet lifters but where is the fun if it doesn’t terrify you?

So… off came the head. Incidentally it turned out there were no valve stem seals on the exhaust valves which explained the little bit of oil consumption.

Out came the hydraulic lifters which I replaced with solid lifters (shown at the back with the adjustable rocker gear).

The simplex timing chain had to go aswell

With the engine mounts released I was able to jack the engine enough to remove the cam without having to take the engine out

The it was time to put it all back together. In went the Kent T125 Cam

Duplex gear fitted and the cam dialled in

Fresh gasket set, oil and filter

While I had the manifold off I took the opportunity to re-wrap it as the old stuff was falling to bits. I went for black wrap this time to help it stay looking fresh even if I am messing about with grubby hands

Head, carbs, manifold, adjustable rocker gear and cooling system later she fired first go!

I can finally say I have an engine that uses no oil, runs amazingly and is fully scary! Result!