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Project KP30: TRD LSD Ratio Change

I thought I’d last the summer, but I couldn’t bear it; hounding Audi drivers out of the fast lane was fun, but the 3.3 ratio was killing me.  I had to build it back into my 4.1.  With a bit of help from Rog we got both diffs swapped in an afternoon.

The 3.3 was like new.  New bearings, plates, everything.  So I was able to just swap it straight over.

This is the last picture I took…we spent so much time setting up the lash I forgot to pic up the cam!

The good news is it’s all set up and back in the car.  Tomorrow is the first planned dive.  If it goes bang you’ll hear here first…


Project KP30: Cha Cha Racing Family TRD LSD

My search for an LSD for the KP had me talking to people from Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark and Blighty, but it was Koji from the Cha Cha Racing Family in Japan that came through for me big time.  Not only did he source, buy, send me hundreds of pics and even a Youtube video of the diff, he kindly wrapped it and sent it airmail for me.   As if that wasn’t enough, he included a couple of little presents for me…but more on them later.

I’ve had the diff out before on the KP; it’s one of the easiest diffs I ever done on a car: Prop, shafts, done.

Open 4:1 Vs 3.3 LSD

Only mods required to fit the diff into the casing were fitting 2 extended studs; Koji included these and a new gasket!

I’ve hardly had chance to drive the car, but lets just say it’s a handful.

Apart from the ability to now go sideways EVERYWHERE, dropping the ratio to 3.3 has changed the way the car dives massively.  1st to 3rd are OK, but it now has serious Motorway legs in 4-5th.  4000rpm in 5th is nearly 90mph!  The diff is perfect (no whines etc) so I’m not going to change the ratio back just yet, but probably over winter I’ll look to build into my 4:1.

I can’t thank Koji enough for sorting me out with the diff and extra presents!  Another thanks should go to Phil for hooking me up with some LSD oil!


Project KP30: Relocation Station Part #2

So, this weekend battery relocation escalated… Six weeks later here’s how it sits!

I got carried away and re-painted the bay and rocker lid.   That’s not what took the time though;  There’s been the usual mix of real life getting in the way of play time, but I did end up spending a whole week chasing electrical gremlins.  I knew me and wiring was a bad idea.  The problem turned out to be a combination of a dodgy earth and a (subsequently) fried voltage regulator (sorry, phone pics).

A massive shout has to go to Luke at WOSP Performance who sorted me out with a plug and play electric regulator (and a spare mechanical one).  I never thought I’d get one to fit the car second-hand, nevermind an upgraded electrical one.

Oh yeah, this pic shows how it was before.  I’ve moved everything under the wing and built a new loom to keep everything in the bay clean.

LSD plans have taken a back seat for now.  Thanks to everyone who helped me out on this.  I think I’m going to convert the axle to a 5.6″ over next winter and with that get some new wheels.  Now the weather is better I don’t want the car off the road!


Project KP30: Relocation Station Part #1

For this summer I wanted to shift the battery into the boot and tidy the bay up generally.  It won’t be a full on wire tuck, but I will be ditching the horn, voltage regulator, some wiring and erm the battery to give a cleaner look and more space to play.

This morning I picked up the cable and connectors I need:


I stripped off the exhaust and carbs to change all the gaskets and misab rings.  I also wanted to see if the 4-1 manifold I picked up might fit…it’s not even close so I’ll be sticking to my 4-2-1.

I was really hoping to get more done over the last couple of weeks, but it’s not happened so the car is still in the air (and will be for a few more weeks)

I’ve also secretly been stuffing money down the back of my Sofa and have hopefully saved up enough to fund an LSD.   This will MAKE this car.  Having driven it with a welded diff it was a total animal, so hopefully with the ability to unlock, it will be manageable when parking and a total hang-wagon.  I’ve started making enquiries and have consulted Thomas Delien the font of Toyota knowledge (more on his car soon) and it appears the car has a “U292” diff:

This means (in theory) a 6″ KP61 diff should fit, so if anyone out there has one for sale, any more info on what will fit or any leads as to where I can get one hit me up on the usual channels: