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Big in Japan?: KP30 Coverage on JNC!

I got sent a link over (cheers Colin) to JNC blog who have posted up my Starlet! Now, as someone who has JNC sticker in their window and even on their folder at work, I was pretty stoked! Check it out HERE.


JCCS, Irvine, California

I’m not even going to attempt to cover this awesome event for two reasons: It’s all over the net and mainly, because I wasn’t there!

What I am going to do, is point you in the direction of JNC who have got an awesome report up and some killer pics! Check it out HERE

This KP60 blew me away! If it were mine, it would be a lower and running stretched rubber but judging by the wide AO32s it looks like the owner uses this as a serious grip  machine.                                                                                              

It’s packing serious powers too in the form of a 20v lump