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Garage Life – Part #2

I’ve managed to get some more work done on the garage over the last couple of weekends; mainly painting!

I started off stripping out all of the old shelves and bench.

Then I tightened and cut down the studs so I don’t catch myself, or worse, the car on them.

Then it was a case of fitting a new window and paint, paint, and more paint: Walls – rafters and finally floor!

It looks pretty good now and is super clean (you can even slide on the floor in socks – yes, yes I did).

Next:  Wiring, lights and plug sockets, then bench!


Garage Life – Part #1

Things have been a bit quiet over at recently, mainly because of this:

Yes, after failing to act my age or do anything with my life that qualifies me as a “real person” I’ve bought my own piece of England.  Now none of this is important; bricks are bricks.  What is important is the 20x9ft garage and room for 4 cars!!!  Yes I now own my own garage!

Now it needs a little cosmetic tidying (I’ve already bought paint and floor sealant) but apart from that it’s pretty much ready to go!  Progress will be slow over the next couple of weeks as I am working on the house before I can move in to it (hence internet will also be limited until I get hooked up) but it’s already got me wanting another project….I just need a lottery win to fund it now!