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Shooting Practice: Evo 9 FQ360 x CCW LM20 Bonus footage


Shooting Practice: Evo 9 FQ360 x CCW LM20

Curtain twitching and neighbourhood watch is not really my thing. However, when I noticed Jon (a guy I’d met at a couple of meets and know through my old man) lived round the corner from my new place, I thought it was only polite to drop in and say hi…especially as I know he’s got form:  a 450bhp FD, and a whistle clean S14 slammed on TEs to name just a few.

His latest, just finished (if these things are ever finished), toy is a rather special Evo 9 FQ360:  Dripping with carbon, slammed on Exe-TC fast road/track coilies and finished off with a set of just-in from the States custom CCW LM20 wheels – these things are a pretty big deal in the UK as nobody is really running them yet and I’m pretty sure it’s the only  evo in the UK on set.

So, just to be neighbourly, I thought we should go out for a shoot!

I’m really pleased how the pics came out and had a lot of fun on the shoot…just a shame photobucket kills them!


RotorStock 6 11-07-09

This weekend was the 6th Rotorstock event held at Santa Pod. I didn’t attend the show, but was there in the evening as I was camping over to attend Retro Show the day after. I did however make it in time to have a last walk around the pits just before everyone packed up.  Here are a few of the pics I got before the camping-carnage began!

For more info check out the Rotorstock 6 site.



I’m not usually a grip fan, but I can’t help but be blown away by the HKS CT230R. It holds the current lap record at Tsukuba, a blistering 53.589 seconds. The driver is the one and only NOB Taniguchi. Total legend. His style is so fast and smooth the car never even looks fast from the outside.

Check out a vid of the lap HERE

I found a really good article on Turbo Magazine