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Project 924: The Archive of a Life Less Ordinary

Another busy weekend means still no proper shoot of the 924; I did however stop off for 5 mins at the industrial estate where the KP was shot for Retro Cars Magazine.  Unfortunately James Lipman wasn’t on hand this time, so you’ll have to live with these:

I’ve de-wipered it now too.

When I bought the car it came with all the original books and a huge folder of history.  Inside was every receipt for every bit of work the car has had, every tax disc, concourse entries and all sorts of press clippings from the ’80s to now on the 924.  I love going through this stuff and will be adding to it where I can.



I’m sure you have noticed things have been pretty quiet here recently. Well, that’s mainly due to the normal stuff stopping me playing: work, life, you know…but, most recently, moving house!

Digging through all my stuff for the move I found my KP folder along with all the original paperwork for the car, check it out:

Owners Manual:

Service book:

and the origional bill of sale:

How cool is that?! It’s scary to think I’m 24 and on the 7th of April my car will be 33! Pass the cake!