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Project Roadster: Box in 2

Leaving nothing to chance I cleaned up the new box and fitted a new I.L. Motorsport thrust bearing.  On the basis it says Motorsport on, it must be good!

After fighting to get it back in (it didn’t want to play; Powerplant frame wouldn’t align, one of the manifold studs rounded, exhaust was blowing…and so on) I had it in for tea time.

A quick blast up and down the road and…IT DOESN’T WHINE! Or clunk, grind or do anything other than be slick, quiet and awesome! Massive result! On this basis I will endeavour to never post on here about changing a Roadster gearbox ever again (Roadster gearbox misery posts basically make up 2/3 of this blog).

Just got to wait for my new exhaust to come now….


Project Roadster: Gearboxes: Scheduled Maintenance…

Wait…What? Didn’t I do this last week?

Well it turns out not everyone on eBay isn’t as honest and upstanding as I dared to dream.  I fitted up the new box and initially 5th and reverse were missing.  Easy fix; it was just the detent spring.  Luckily, I was able to fix it through the shifter hole, however the box had a bad whine, in every gear!   Now the car is pretty noisy, so to be able to hear it, well, that’s how bad it was.  And it’s been getting worse; I’ve been driving all week with ear plugs in!

After trying different oils and additives I gave up…and bought another one!

This time from a reputable breaker and it even has a warranty for two months!  So, I’ve spent my Good Friday pulling the old (new) box out ready to fit up the new one tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it’s a good one!


Project Roadster: Box In

Shockingly, that went pretty well too.  A couple of hours (and a bit of a fight to lift it in solo) and everything came together nicely.

Wait, what?

Welded up the heat shield on the exhaust (one side done here)

As everything was going so well I decided to start on the A/C delete (I did consider fixing it, but that could end up costing mega bucks and take hours chasing leaks! Plus race cars don’t have A/C).  That’s pretty much where the fun stopped.  It took me 2 hours to get the bumper off.  Then it went dark.  That’ll be tomorrow’s project then.  That, and replacing all the fixings I had to cut off or sheared on the bumper!


Project Roadster: Box Out

I’ve been dreading having to do this.  You might remember the 5 day marathon that was the clutch change last Christmas: Temperate in negative figures, parts not showing up and every bolt was either seized or rounded when I tried to take it off.  It took 3 days just to get the box off.

Happily, with the temps well in the positives and the sun shining, this time it all came apart in a relaxed couple of hours!  What a difference air tools and having everything come apart like it should makes!

Tunnel vision? (you see what I did there…)

Tomorrow I’m going to fit the new box and tidy some stuff up underneath; the exhaust heatshiled is pretty smashed up and rattling, repaint on some of the underseal where the rails have been battered etc.

While I’ve got it in the air and the undertray all off, I think I’ll pull out all the A/C stuff….


Project Roadster: A romantic weekend for one…

Spent rolling around under 20 year-old…

…is what I’ve got to look forward to in the not too distant future! After waiting for it to die for 2 years (it’s always been a bit on the noisy side) the Roadster gearbox is finally whining and groaning enough for me to swap it out, before it leaves me at the side of the road!

That said, despite the interesting noises coming from it, it still shifts sweet and has been spot on!  But, without wanting to tempt fate too much, I picked up this 60k mile box locally. As soon as I get chance, in she goes!