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Project 924: The Archive of a Life Less Ordinary

Another busy weekend means still no proper shoot of the 924; I did however stop off for 5 mins at the industrial estate where the KP was shot for Retro Cars Magazine.  Unfortunately James Lipman wasn’t on hand this time, so you’ll have to live with these:

I’ve de-wipered it now too.

When I bought the car it came with all the original books and a huge folder of history.  Inside was every receipt for every bit of work the car has had, every tax disc, concourse entries and all sorts of press clippings from the ’80s to now on the 924.  I love going through this stuff and will be adding to it where I can.


Project 924: Pass Me Another Prawn Cocktail – Coilovers and Rims

With the car only just home and cooling on the drive I put in the order for my coilovers.  Despite a lot of big talk of me “going sensible” I already knew the 924 didn’t stand a chance.   Next on the list was wheels.  I spent what felt like forever trawling the ‘net, phoning people, calling in favours and keeping my fingers crossed; it paid off. Big time.

I booked a few days off work and took this:

and made it look like this:

The front was an easy swap: Struts to coilovers and max out the camber (which is adjustable from the factory):

Gaz units installed (have you seen the arches…that’s not me, that’s how it came!  Actual concourse car)

The rear was more tricky;  Being a torsion bar set up the whole beam needed removing, stripping and re-indexing.  I’ve not got too many pics of this as I was fighting it, but here’s the set up I used to measure the drop I wanted with the beam off the car:

I read a lot of how-to guides on the internet and they pretty much either blew my mind with trigonometry or were just plain unclear.  I figured I’d stick to basics and work it out by measuring.  The alloy strip was measured to represent the radius arm and I used a fixed point on the cantilever as a reference.  I wanted to drop it 70mm at the rear (pre-measured on the car) so re-indexed the bars to give me that drop.  Sounds easy.  It wasn’t.

I then lifted the beam back into the car and fitted my rear Gaz shortened dampers.

In between all this I collected and worked on my wheels.  This is how I collected them complete with monster drag tyres.  They’d come off a wide-arched 924 GTS replica.

I had the tyres removed and did a test-fit (notice the horrific mud-flaps?  Yeah, I replaced them with Turbo spats pretty quick!  You’ll also probably notice this isn’t strictly chronological, but I’ll get to the good bit soon, hang in there….)

I spent the best part of three nights hand polishing them. This was not the most fun I’ve ever had, but it worked out pretty well.

I agonised over tyre profiles for a while on this one; I wanted to fight the low-pro route as everyone is doing it and, well, it’s not strictly retro or in keeping with the car.  So I settled on 195/60 and 185/65s. This gave the rear 9″ a nice stretch to help get them under the arches.

I’m really pleased with how it came out and even think the tyre profile deal came off.  The car sits about 70mm lower at the back and 75-80mm lower at the front.  It drives sweet with no rubbing or issues at all.  And I know it’s not cool, but it actually has some ground clearance!  All in it took three days to do by the time I had fixed a few little bits and cleaned stuff up underneath.  These are the first few pics so the height will get tweaked more as it settles.  I’ll do a full shoot as soon as I get chance, but for now, I’ve got my red braces on and I’m hitting the city for another prawn cocktail.


Project KP30: Strut-In

My struts came back a couple of days ago so I’ve been able to get the KP back on its wheels.  Despite the fact I feel like a massive sell-out getting struts made, they site nice and ride nicer, with loads of scope to go down should I ever want to.  Compared to the collapsed, slack, leaky, knocking legs I took out these feel amazing!


Project KP30: Strut-Out

Two crashing tubes of leaky awfulness is pretty much all that is holding up the front of the KP these days; 34 year old internals and no OEM replacements are not conducive to a well damped suspension.  Having rebuilt them more times that I’ve dragged the exhaust over a speed hump, I decided action was required.

A couple of emails to Gaz suspension (I’ve ran Gaz stuff on my cars for year s and it’s always been good) and they confirmed they could do what I needed: new internals whilst retaining my top mounts and coilover stuff.  Good times.

With Spring only just round the corner (hey, I’m an optimist…) I stripped them off…

…boxed them up and shipped them out.

See you in 2-ish weeks….


Project Roadster; Spark it or park it!

A great man once said “you drive a sports car, make it look like one!” Not in reference to my car,  but I have never been happy with the ride height so it struck a bit of a chord with me.

So, after some shopping round, I got a killer deal on a full set of GAZ adjustables. With 32 points of adjustment and, most importantly, thread the entire length of the body so shouldn’t run out of low before my sump runs out fins.

Talking of wearing away my sump; I made a little sump guard for the front from some 3mm steel. It also adds a little bracing to the frame. It’s not brilliant, but should save it should the worst happen.

Ok, So here is a before pic….

And after! Bear in mind that it needs adjusting again now I have let it settle for a week, so it will be going lower and I want to dial in a little more rake.

Expect another update soon!