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Retro Cars Magazine: COTY – Among Legends

It’s that time of year when all the mags round-up their years worth of feature cars and let the public vote for their favorite, and Retro Cars is no different.  I was stoked when I got my copy and my car had been nominated!   Even cooler than that is so has Yuta’s 240 (getting my vote!!!).    It was a great feature, beautifully shot by living legend Linhbergh (still one of my favorite ‘togs).

It’s a great mag this month and among a load of great writing, photography and feature cars is Ramon Portugal’s ’72 TE27.  It’s perfection with 20 valves and those TRD wheels.

Jan 2011 out now – go buy!


Feature Hat trick: Japanese Performance Shoot: Fame<Infamy


Retro Cars Feature: 3am Touge

Full 7-Page feature and a poster:

Massive thanks to Simon Jackson for the words and Jamie Lipman for the photos!

Just out: Jan 2010 Issue


The Media Bandwagon: Retro Cars August Issue

Yes, more wagons rolling! The Chevette is featured in this months RC mag. OK, so I guess it is a bit of a cheat as I shot the pics and wrote the feature, but any sort of media coverage for something you have built is awesome. I still get super stoked when I see a little 3x5cm pics of one of my cars in a mag, so a feature is a pretty big deal. Add to that the fact I got to write and shoot it then you can imagine how pleased I was when I opened it up!

I also got a mention in the Old Skool Mania show report and some of my pics are used in the Bromley Pageant report.

Did I mention how stoked I was?

In other news, if you have found your way to my blog from the link in the mag then hello! If you have any comments or suggestions hit me up at; It would be good to hear from you!

As always, check out Retro Cars mag online and even better than that, go buy a copy!


Project KP30: Media Motivation

The new Retro Cars mag came out last week with a show report from Race Retro. I was stoked to find a big pic of the KP in there with the promise of a full feature soon! Best get painting!