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Project KP30: Track Car Fitment

Last Friday was wheels day at work.  Basically, they cone off half the car park and everyone brings in their toys for a bit of show and tell.  There was also an opportunity to have a few laps of the emissions circuit.  Luckily, someone dropped out so I got a place and made some emissions!

Spectator photo: Got track fitment?

Here’s a better pic of the exhaust fitted. I drove it a decent distance for the first time this week since fitting it; it was so loud it made me feel sick. At least now I know it’s loud enough.


Project KP30: Single Box of Doom

A simple bolt on replacement can was never on the cards. I Only wanted enough silencing to take the harshness out at idle, but still enough noise to rattle windows and upset the neighbours.  I picked up this street fighter can, pointed it roughly at the car, then took it to bits. It was fitted with a baffle and the internals were only 1 1/4″ diameter.

Drilled out the rivets and pulled the guts out:

Seriously, look at the state of that! It was promptly removed!

I opened out the end and on the baffle out of an old can I had.

Comparison shot with the new 2″ internals

adapted some of the brackets that came with it and fitted it up

I’ll get some proper pics and a vid up soon. Oh yeah, it’s pretty loud!


Teaser Pic: Grainy Single Box of Doom

Just picked up the new silencer for the KP tonight. I say silencer in the loosest possible terms; it’s straight through, no baffels and about the size of a coke can.

Did you hear me coming? You will now…


Project KP30: Loud Pipes Save Lives

I’ve been messing with the back box on the KP and am seriously on the lookout for a new one. The up-sweep looks OK, but it burns soot all up the back of the car; not cool.

I had some pipe knocking about so welded on an old bike can down sweep and ran this set up exiting under the car!

Yep, no silencers, boxes or so much as a bung. This is as close to open headers as I can go without, erm, running open headers!

It sounds pretty horrible at low revs, just moving the car and stuff, but on over-run and between 4 and 7000rpm it sounds amazing!

This has lead me to the conclusion that if I do get a new silencer, It doesn’t need to be very big!


Project Chevette: Grinding Wax

The Chevette is now sitting 125mm closer to the tarmac which, unfortunately, is the same distance the exhaust was from the ground when sat at standard height.

Now sparks are cool, but even I couldn’t cope with the noise of it dragging on the ground all the time! I didn’t think it was going to last very long either.

As I wanted to keep the stock exhaust, I just cut and re-welded the offending section to give me some clearance.

While I had the car up on stands I took the opportunity to give it a good waxoiling. These cars are well known for their ability to return to nature so hopefully this will slow down the process!

Not exciting, but it’s progress.

Gave it a polish ready for Old Skool Mania; shouldn’t have bothered really…


Project KP30; Red or Dead

It was the last Midlands Breakfast Club of 2008 this Sunday so, with the KP back together and on its new rims, I thought it was a good opportunity to take it out for a blast!

Coxy, who organises the show, shot these awesome pics:

One from me

Drive By Shooters pulled me out the show and shot some pics of my car for their site:

Check out the rest of Coxy’s pics on the Midlands Breakfast Club Site.

Check out Drive By Shooters for more dope car photography and show coverage.


Give up now……

Because nothing you ever build will be cooler than this 6ft star exhaust.