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NEC Classic Car Show – 11-11-10 – Set Up Day

Last night I headed over to the NEC to drop off the KP and help with the set up of the Retro Cars/ Retro Ford stand.

If you get chance, this is the best time to see the show; no crowds and no stress!  Plus you can get clear pics.   Unfortunately, it was late and a chinese was calling, so I didn’t hang about to get too many shots this time.

Sneak Peak…

All done and ready for 3 days of carnage!  More pics to come over the weekend!


Retro Show – Santa Pod – 18-07-10 – Part #2

Turns out I dodged a bullet by not taking the KP…more on that later, but first some more pics of the weekend!

I love this KP.  It’s everything a retro should be; no frills, no £1000 wheels, no showy scene bits, no untouchable paint job; just everything you need to enjoy hooning around in an old car.  I remmember when cars were simple and fun like this….

It’s a shame it was just bunged in the public car park.

Retro Much?  No, but at least the owner parked it well out of the way…unlike the Mondeo enthusiasts group who had a stand.  Yeah, that happened.

Hux Mania – 185s on 10″s

Drag car clutch rebuild?  Yep.

Viper Bus.


Retro Show – Santa Pod – 18-07-10 – Part #1

Wow, it’s literally that time of year already:  Retro Show at the Pod; basically the penultimate show in my summer of automotive fun.  Despite the blackest most overcast sky I have ever seen the rain held off all weekend.  Unfortunately, I wussed on taking the KP (show cars hey.  I’ll be trailoring it next – loser.),racked up the Mazbo and rolled out.  More camping, more beer, more half-cooked meat later and…it was Sunday: Show day.  Pics?  OK:

Daily driver club – we do pink!

News just in: Rat-look is not cool.

Star-Sharks on a Capri?  Hell yeah! Mike, SELL THEM TO ME!

320iS – immaculate is an understatement.

Seth-o-matic – best wheels (well, trims) and car combo of the day for me.

Hux-rox (more of this car soon!)


Curborough Sprint Course: A Day At The Races #2 – 07-05-10

I took the KP out for a spin this afternoon and, after rolling about a bit down some of my favourite roads, found myself in the vicinity of Curborough; being a Sunday, I thought  I’d take a gamble and see if anything was going on.  It was, so here’s some pics!


Do you remember real cars?

Take a minute and step away from the forum fashion, static droppin’, fibreglass lyfestyler delights that we all know, love, and call car culture in ’09.  Enjoy:

– Real Driving

– Real Cars

– Real Motorsport


Contact, Bwap, Fire: Wahooooo

My friend Ryan sent me over this vid of his MK1 Escort. He’s been dropping a pretty special Zetec 16v lump into it and this weekend got it started!

Base Map.


No Manifold.

Party Time.


5 Days with Unity Media

I recently spent a week working on Retro Ford magazine at Unity Media. It was awesome to get involved with the mag and see behind he scenes. All the guys are total legends and I am looking forward to working with them again soon! Here are a few pics from the week, as you can see, it was serious fun.

Sweet BMW 2002 Spotted at Northhampton Motorsport

Dagenham Heritage Centre

We borrowed a couple of Anglias to take to the Ace Cafe for a meet. Perks of the job!

Setting up the track car at Northampton Motorsport

We did some writing to……………..

Happy days!