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Edition 38 Bonus Footage.

As I got such a huge response for the ED38 pics, I thought I would throw up a couple more. Enjoy!


Edition 38 06-09-09

So, this weekend I thought I would indulge myself in all things euro and smoke over to ED38.  It’s not like anything that goes down on the Japanese or Retro scene, so made for a refreshing day out.  The show is pretty much solely focussed on being chilled out (not including the two-day rager that goes on over Friday and Saturday) with cars built primarily for fitment, awesomeness and to step up and do something different.  The quality was amazing too; so much attention to detail.  Plus, you’ve gotta love having a DJ playing killer tunes on the main show field; Topped of the last hurrah for summer a treat.

Here’s a few of my pics:

This pretty much sums it up for me.

Air Ride meets Air Cooled.

When you see it, you will sh*t bricks…

Yep, the UK is pretty much killing it right now.


This week I have been thinking about…

I guess it must be because Edition 38 is only a week away now, but I have been seriously feeling MK1 Golfs recently. That is all.