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These cars need nothing more than rims n’ slam.

This is not helping me not want one.

More HERE.


Griff Wagon: Murder in German

My buddy Griffo smoked along to the Roadster meet with me last night so I thought I would grab a couple of sneaky pics of his 325. Full shoot coming soon…when the police aren’t looking!

10J all day

Luxury: Leather, DVD Player, Ski hatch & Glittery white wheel.

Doors. Loads of them.


BMW E36 Pondering and Armin Ausejo…

Having recently moved into a new apartment and Job all my commuting is now motorway base. This is indeed lame, especially when my daily is a bucket seated, straight-through exhausted, back-road hero roadster that isn’t exactly geared like a GT car. OK, so I’m not getting soft, I have daily-d all sorts of low and noisy cars since I got my licence, but sometimes it would just be nice to so slip into a nice leather seat and throw on the 8-speaker stereo!

Which leads me onto the awesome work and blog of Armin Ausejo I spotted this “M-Thrizzle” on his site and it has got me looking into them again!

I have however been down this road before…Here are a couple of (really, really bad) shots of my old 36. Angle-grinder spec springs, LSD, 16×9″ et15 Borbets with 20mm spacer on the back and pulled arches.

I miss that car.

Opinions please: Keep the roadster or build another drug dealer car…..

EDIT: Just wanted to include this from back in the day. Nice!