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Retro & Dub Mania 06-06-10

I’m coming to you live via the medium of pay as you go mobile broadband  (I should be fully online in another week or so), so I’ll keep it brief for now to minimise the upset when I loose signal…

Another sunny weekend and another car show (I love summer!): this time it was Retro Mania at Weston Park.  The Retro side of things is a bit of an add-on to the main event Dub Mania, so there was plenty of cool trainers, BBS wheels and sump scraping to keep you entertained all day.  The usual camping went down on the Saturday with the usual suspects and the usual results – lots of beer, meat burning and an ambulance visit – good times!

The show was pretty laid back and, although a little down on numbers Vs. the dubs, the Retro crowd held there own with some pretty classy motors.  Anyway before crash out t tt tt t t here’ssss s  s sommeee piccsssssss….[offline].


Old Skool Mania 07-06-09

It all started in the middle of last week when I got a text from Andy from Retro Cars Mag asking me if I was going to Old Skool Mania. It was only 30miles from my house so how could I say no?! I had sent Andy a link to this very blog to show him the Chevette and he asked if I would bring that along to and have both cars on the Retro Cars stand.

So the morning of the show came round and it was raining. A lot. But it was all still on so I set off driving the KP and my Dad followed in the Chevette! CONVOY!

OK, so a blistering Summers day would have been preferable, but you have to work with what you have got, and in a funny kind of way it did add to the adventure!

Luckily, Team RC had set up the gazebo the night before so we only needed to help getting mags out and put up banners.

Here’s a couple of pics from the show itself. I’ll leave the rest for when they come out in the mag!

Now I never really attendthe award giving at shows and stuff; it’s not really why I’m into cars or what I build cars for, but Emily got a tip off that the stand had won something so we headed down to the main tent to see what was going down.

It was the usual drill; names being read out: Best VW, Best interior and all that stuff. Then, the next category was top 5 Retro Cars. The first thing announced was “The brown Vauxhall Chevette” Ha Ha, I went to collect the trophy and as I turned round to walk back: “The White Toyota” Oh yeah! So a quick turn around and I had both my hands full of glasswear.

So apart from the weather it was a pretty successful day! It was cool hanging out with Simon, Andy and Emily on the RC stand, just talking cars and having a laugh; thats what carshows are for. I really hope this show gets put on again next year as the venue was awesome. Lets just hope the weather delivers too!