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Curborough Sprint Course: MG Club 03-04-11

I’ve been gagging for the sprinting season to kick off at my local track and last week it did.  Except I couldn’t make it, so with some actual good weather and at least one of my cars in working condition I flew up there in the KP this morning.

I know, MGs aren’t going to set the world on fire and yes, they are still the preserve of the flat-capper, but, and I’m throwing it out there, I think they are cool.  Everyone is so obsessed (myself embarrassingly included) in being fashionable, rocking the right wheels and having the freshest stickers all over their cars that I can’t help but think we’ve lost sight of what’s actually so good about cars.  It was refreshing to see proper, lightweight, old skool british sports cars.  No frills, just fun.

I’ll just climb off my soap box then, and show you some pics….


Curborough Sprint Course: A Day At The Races #2 – 07-05-10

I took the KP out for a spin this afternoon and, after rolling about a bit down some of my favourite roads, found myself in the vicinity of Curborough; being a Sunday, I thought  I’d take a gamble and see if anything was going on.  It was, so here’s some pics!


Curborough Sprint Course: A Day At The Races

I headed up to Curborough this morning to check out a local motor club sprint.  These things always have a good mix of cars and a really laid back atmosphere; just the timg for a sunny Sunday morning.