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10 & Cha Cha Racing Family: ありがとうございます

Today I received a mystery envelope…The post mark immediately gave away what it might be and I was excited to say the least!

I didn’t wait long to tear into the envelope; what I found was more than I ever expected!  I’ve been exchanging emails with Koji Iwasa from the Cha Cha Racing family now for a couple of days and he mentioned to me he was sending me one of his team stickers.  What I received was the following:

An amazing selection of stickers including rare vintage Tom’s racing stickers!  If that wasn’t enough Koji had included a copy of Nostalgic Hero, with his car in!

It goes without saying the team sticker will be taking pride of place on the rear screen of my car, just as it does on theirs!

I must say a huge thanks you to Koji and the Cha Cha Racing Family! I really appreciate their generosity!  This is exactly why I love old cars and car culture:  Two strangers, living thousands of miles apart, who speak a totally different languages, can share a passion for old Toyotas and racing cars – this is car life!

Koji:  Expect a package soon!



The Fukuoka prefecture old car retention

Another cool site for your viewing pleasure check it out HERE

I love these bikes.

Clean looking Skyline. Check out the smoothed off handles.

I need one of these jackets in my life! So cool!

Very nice R31

Team Low Down

So much good stuff to click through in the links on the left hand side of the site. Enjoy!


inokoshientotsu: A great Boso photo site

Found this LINK. Loads of really nice high-res pics. Enjoy!

According to Babel Fish;

“Just a little, it meaning that weather is bad, it does, but オラ it is fleeting? The り it enjoyed and the ちゃ was. Everyone who goes together and everyone who participated, it seemed the tired way. Everyone who the day can meet, thank you. And the people of the sponsor, it seemed the hardship way.”

Well that clears that up.