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07-04-13 Event City Classic Show

My annual trip up North for a classic detox.   Hello Summer, this is where it all started.


16-05-12 – Predators Hot Rod Meet

A post-work pint and car park full of Rods? I was all over it.  This month was the first Predators Hot Rod meet at the Bowling Green Pub in Litchfield and on the basis it wasn’t raining for the first time in what feel like forever, I jumped in the Herald and checked it out.  This is what I found:

Awesome.  This meet has got some history dating back to the ’80s; legend has it at one point it all got a bit roudy so the feds shut it down! It’s on the up again though and I’m definately going agian. Everyone was super cool and friendly and there was plenty to check out.


Car Show Detox – Atherstone 19-09-10

While the Scene Queens were hitting Players 4.0, I was keeping it distinctly more “village fate” at a local classic show.  I’m still on the detox from another hardcore summer at the shows and this classic gathering was a refreshing change.   OK, there are a lot of stockers, but these cars are built by passionate owners the way they want them, rather than to score internet points and I’m down with that.  Anyway, pics: