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01-07-12 – Retro Show

Right, time for some catch-back:  For me Retro Show is one of the big 3 shows of the summer and with dry weather on the cards, it didn’t disappoint.   The Herald got its first (dry) public outing on the Retro Cars stand and was lording it up with celebrity motors like Jay Mac’s ZERO lip MK2; that’s how we roll!  Good to meet some of you on the day and good to finally get out in the car!

Here’s some B-roll to keep you going…check out Retro Cars mag for the full story.


Car Show Detox – Atherstone 19-09-10

While the Scene Queens were hitting Players 4.0, I was keeping it distinctly more “village fate” at a local classic show.  I’m still on the detox from another hardcore summer at the shows and this classic gathering was a refreshing change.   OK, there are a lot of stockers, but these cars are built by passionate owners the way they want them, rather than to score internet points and I’m down with that.  Anyway, pics:


Ultimate Dubs 14-03-10 Part #3

You had enough yet…?


Ultimate Dubs 14-03-10 Part #2 – Let’s go outside…

Outside the main hall was the club displays and the car park; always worth a mooch:

Hard Slammed MK1’s hard slammed MK1! This is commitment to LOW!


Ultimate Dubs 14-03-10 Part #1

For me, UD pretty much kicks of the shows for 2010 and in quite some style.  Indoor shows are always nice at this time of year when the weather is as reliable as, um, an old Volkswagen and it’s certainly a gentle ease-in to the show scene after a winter of hibernation.  The organisers run a strict door policy: only the sickest and most high-end cars get in, so you are always sure to see some awesome motors and some fresh metal; usually with the paint still wet from a race to meet the deadline for this weekend!

I’ll kick off with pretty much my car of the show: G-Werks fresh, 9-day built MK4 R32:

Bently paint x Lambo wheels x Porsche brakes x Air ride

Ok, I’m not on commission so we’ll move on…

MK1 Perfection. TDi power.

I was so into this Beetle, especially the Porsche seats (in MK5 GTi trim) and cage; it just worked so well!

Stay tuned for more pics soon…