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Project W115 – Cover Break– x Retro Cars Mag #otherotherbenz

As seen at Players.  So far he’s two sumps down and not out.


Project W115 – The Low Life Will Kill You – x Retro Cars Mag #otherotherbenz

This weekend I nearly died.  At least 4 times. This is why:

Si (off of Retro Cars Magazine) brought his project W115 (Project Debonair or Agnes) up for a spot of ride height correction…The full and graphic blow-by-blow account will be in staff rides in the mag, but basically it fought us hard for 10 hours.  Highlights included a coil sping compressor breaking while the spring was in the car, coil bound and my had was in it.  How I’m not walking round like captain hook, I’ll never know.

Despite all that we fought on and the car now looks amazing!  I can’t wait to bring you more pics as soon as it goes live, but for now enjoy these teasers!

Awesome weekend allround.

And remember Kids: