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Project E28: The Classic Compromise?

Considering this car is 27 years old and I’m dailying it, I’m struggling to see the “running a classic car” compromise:  It’s economical (we’re up to 36.9mpg after a service and plug/ lead change), comfortable, practical, will cruise at 85mph in pin-drop silence and (with no fear of jinxing it) is totally reliable.   I actually nearly sold this thing before I’d even started building it….then I nearly sold it again when I’d finished it…I’m just glad I stuck with it; this is literally the best “old” daily I’ve ever had!  The only problem is now I’m looking at even older BMWs thinking they will be as good; 2002 anyone?  Don’t encourage me…




Project E28: A Recipe For Success

Luckily success isn’t measured in CCs or number of cylinders, because if it was I’d look junior management at best.  You see, being a 518i she ain’t fast, but she is frugal (over 36mpg so far).  That said frugality isn’t sexy; Low ride heights and split rims BBS wheels are though, so get a load of this:



Project E28: Diet Build Montage

Maybe I tool the whole “luxury of not having to build it while driving it” thing too far, as messing about with the old land shark has taken far longer than I ever anticipated.  Not because there was more than I was expecting to do, just having the time proved more challenging that I first thought…that and some snow, which made one weekend particularly unpleasant.  Anyway, I’ve done loads and taken pretty much no pics, but the following (start singing the Team America montage song now) montage covers most of what went on, though not strictly in any order anything like any sequence of events:

You kinda get the gist…Apart from the above, it got waxoiled, new floors, OEM mats (flash I know!), new rear bumper, engine detail, service, too much money spent on it, new front suspension arms and bushes, spacers & spiggot rings, stripped, cleaned and painted the brakes, new plates and the moon on a stick. …you know how these things go….


Project E28: Still Sharkin’

This car has come a long way baby and I’ve got way more hours in it than I ever intended; Projects will do that to you, you know.  I’ll update properly as soon as I get chance, but from the teaser above you can see she’s almost there now…almost.


Project E28: Fire up the LANDSHARK

Show me a blue vinyl and corduroy interior and I’m powerless to resist.  Yes,  it’s happened again.

Whilst not even looking for another car, I accidentally bought this E28.  All the usual excuses apply: It was local, there was nothing on the TV and I was able to lay my hands on the pound notes to seal the deal there and then.  So, fate…or something then.

The finer details are as follows: It’s a 518i which is good for all the reasons my 316i was good: Fuel economy and light (relative) weight meaning it will be the perfect long distance motorway cruiser. It’s in original condition having been owned by a bank, used by the bank manager, and then given to him as his retirement gift.  It’s got every BMW service stamp from day one and is not far off immaculate. It was the test drive that sold me;, it’s perfect mechanically (having just had a massive overhall including a clutch/ fluids etc.), the loudest sound it makes is the injectors ticking.  It needs a couple of small blebs doing, a rear bumper and erm, that’s literally it.

I want to keep it OEM so am after a set O-G BMW style 15s or similar and of course it will be getting wound down on a set of coilovers I already have in the pipeline.  Still, don’t get too excited just yet; I’m taking a bit of time with this one as I have the luxury of it not being on the road or needing to be until I’m ready.  I’m aiming for March/ April and the better weather.   Should be a great cruiser for summer.  FIRE UP THE LAND SHARK.