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One Year: Speedhunters Volume One

I came home from a week away to a sizeable parcel…I’d not ordered anything…wasn’t expecting anything…and it was addressed from EA..?

Oh, yeah!  Without so much as a note or warning the Awesome Chaps at the big S-H had sent me out a little (BIG) parcel including a load of stickers, keyring and The Photo book of the year!

I’m guessing people with feature cars/ supported them at shows all got a copy!  It’s beautifully put together, full of stunning images and a nice way to spend a couple of hours with a coffee. I would say get a copy, but looking at the store I think they’ve all gone; make sure volume two is on your shopping list for next year though.


Magnus Walker: Urban Outlaw

The best spent and most inspirational 32 mins of my week/month so far:

WATCH THIS: Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw



Matt Fresh X Mori Garage

Awesome Blog – Amazing Photography

10 & Cha Cha Racing Family: ありがとうございます

Today I received a mystery envelope…The post mark immediately gave away what it might be and I was excited to say the least!

I didn’t wait long to tear into the envelope; what I found was more than I ever expected!  I’ve been exchanging emails with Koji Iwasa from the Cha Cha Racing family now for a couple of days and he mentioned to me he was sending me one of his team stickers.  What I received was the following:

An amazing selection of stickers including rare vintage Tom’s racing stickers!  If that wasn’t enough Koji had included a copy of Nostalgic Hero, with his car in!

It goes without saying the team sticker will be taking pride of place on the rear screen of my car, just as it does on theirs!

I must say a huge thanks you to Koji and the Cha Cha Racing Family! I really appreciate their generosity!  This is exactly why I love old cars and car culture:  Two strangers, living thousands of miles apart, who speak a totally different languages, can share a passion for old Toyotas and racing cars – this is car life!

Koji:  Expect a package soon!



Cha Cha Racing Family

Following a link posted in the comments section I was led to this amazing KP-filled Minkara site: Cha Cha Racing Family!

As seen in Nostalgic Hero!

If you guys read this thanks for posting my car! I’m loving your blog.  How do I get some stickers!?


JDM Legends

Total legends … Hit the blogroll for more!

Loads of amzing attention to detail:

I’ve read the whole blog now about 3 times; they are literally living my dream life!


I <3 StickrGeek

I love post.  Not bills and junk mail, but interesting post. This Friday I received a card-backed envelope full of love from Stickr Geek; the best kind of post!

’80s Hero!


Split rims, box-fresh Etnies dunks and Vinyl. Could this post be any more “scene”?

Head over to the StickrGeek blog for all your dope vinyl content and pick up your own slice of the action at the shop.